Aerial image of Bincombe works


Welcome to the Weymouth Relief Road blog. We hope that this blog will help to keep you up to date with the progress of the road, alongside the dorsetforyou.com web pages and quarterly newsletter The Route.


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9 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Dan Roads Says:

    I like the new road… But am unsure if it is actually going to help in the long run, Although I’m not that bothered as it looks great for photo’s and lets us photographers explore a new place for some great views :). So it’s a tick in my book.

    I took some photo’s the other night, Feel free to check em out here:


  2. Dai jones Says:

    As one of the Digger drivers who worked on this project for almost a year , i have to say that even i can see that Weymouth badly needed this road for its econemy to survive ,, it will get a better reputaytion amongst holiday visitors and increase the spending in the area .

    ive seen most of my working life , the protesters complain ,, but the reality is , we are a growing country in population and its no good bleating about conservation when we cant move on our roads and towns like weymouth who rely on tourists get gridlocked every summer ,, that just drives poeple away .. so its a balance , and i can tell you from the inside , that every possible care was taken when excavating the road ,, all enviromental issues were our top priority !!! ,,,, Digger Dai.

  3. con Says:

    people dont like the idea of the road


    can i make a porposle riegway make a road to dorchester road to save time for people who live up the top end because they save money and we all save fuel

    i just thought i say so like i said at the start KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  4. Dave Brad Says:

    For the love of god, stop moaning about this relief road! Although I am not a local, I’ve been coming to Weymouth for over 16 years & even i can see as an outsider that Weymouth is being strangled by traffic in the summer months, which must be hell for those who live along the old road. The only problem i can see is it should be a dual carriageway ( not very far sighted planners again).

    Plus in the short term, it will keep many skilled construction workers in a job while things get back on their feet. Don’t forget that travelling workers also contribute to the local economy of the town while they live away from home,

  5. Tim Says:

    Naive are we! What tosh. If anything most Weymouthians are desperate not naive. Desperate for decent road infastructure that will help drag us into the 21st Century. If anything the scheme is inadequate and really should be a dual carriageway! If consevationalists are in a silent majority why are there so few of them in the corridors of power?

  6. G McCabe Says:

    How “NAIVE” you are Weymouth relief road, the Dorset Echo will never publish letters that object to the road they are so biased its unbelievable, if you do read one its will be so watered down because they have edited it , and on the other hand they will publish many more for the road because it suits their agenda. A local news paper should never take sides it should discuss the pros and cons and be open to all views and concerns the Dorset ECHO does not ECHO the thoughts of all its readers.

  7. Mark G Says:

    Ignore the treehuggers. It’s great to see a blog like this. Unlike Ms Greenroad, who almost certainly does not even live here, the rest of us are relying on this read to fix Weymouths infrastructure problems. I drive past the Littlemoor bridge every morning on the way to work, and like seeing the progress being made (civil engineering interests me). It’s great to catch up on progress by RSS feed, and it’s fantastic to see Skanska using technology like this.

  8. Weymouth Relief Road Says:

    There is a lot of local support for the road. Have a look at the Dorset Echo website next time they put an article online – the majority of responses are supportive.

  9. Marianne Greenroad Says:

    This is another horrendous outcome for Dorset, where are the conservationists within the council. Are they not shouting loudly enough. |It seems that how ever many local people object to projects such as these-the council just blunders on regardless. Maybe they also think that Tescos is the best shop out.

    Absolutely no point at all, no joined up thinking!! How can politicians/councils gain respect if this is the outcome. Surely by now Climate Change and Peak Oil have been acknowledged. If so how can this be a good decision??

    Rob Hopkins – carry on campaigning for Transition Towns

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