Strange machine sighted on Lodmoor!


Landpac machine on Lodmoor (large version)

This strange looking machine is a dynamic land compactor – it’s being used on the disused Lodmoor north landfill site to compact and level the area in preparation for the park and ride site.

It moves a lot faster than it looks!


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2 Responses to “Strange machine sighted on Lodmoor!”

  1. mikeman1 Says:

    A few days ago my wife & I went to Salisbury on entering the town we saw a sign for park & ride so we thought we would give it a try, on arriving at a very nice purpose built car park we parked & walked to the bus station building. My wife asked a very nice man about the cost & she in turn was asked if she had a bus pass, yes she replied & was told in that case it was free when do i pay for parking the car she said, the man said that is also free. So we will certainly go again. It would be very nice if Weymouth’s park & ride was attended by such nice staff & it was free to bus pass holders, but knowing our council i doubt very much if it will be free or attended by such nice staff.

  2. David Lidiard Says:

    How ugly it looks, anyone who is sane will not want to get run over by the item.

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