Bincombe junction (large version)

Dorchester Road is not closing and is not becoming a dead end!

Here is the evidence, please spread the word – this junction joins the relief road with Dorchester Road at the bottom of Ridgeway Hill.

Cars from Upwey and Broadwey can join northbound traffic and southbound traffic can leave the relief road to join Dorchester Road.



3 Responses to “Rumour!”

  1. Upwey Resident Says:

    I am under the impression that there will be some kind of ‘traffic calming’ between the bottom of Ridgeway and the Littlemoor lights, but no-one has said what that will be. Hopefully this will be sufficient to deter any rat-runners for most of the time.!
    Living on the Dorchester Road, I would like to see a speed limit of 20mph between the lights the car-rental garage, (the narrowest part) with other calming measures up to the bottom of the hill.

    Anyway, well done to the conractors for the work so far, they are doing a great job!

  2. D luff Says:

    Please close Dorchester road to the bottom of the ridgewey. By leaving open you are creating a dangerious rat run just like goldcroft road. So what if the residents of upwey have to drive an extra mile to join the new road. Make upwey a village that is a joy to live in not a race track for impatient drivers. Dorset council don’t have the collective brain cells between then to make traffic calming that works. I need to create a pressure group ‘shut the ridgewey’

  3. David Lidiard Says:

    I’ll belive it when I see it.

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