New speed limit


From today there is a new 20mph speed limit on the temporary Littlemoor diversionary road – it was previously 30mph.

The new speed limit has been put in place following concerns about speeding from local residents, and following the opening of the earthworks haul route across the diversionary road.


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4 Responses to “New speed limit”

  1. Stafford Pulman Says:

    The 20 mph speed limit is sensible and I agree with David.
    Why eveyone has to race everywhere is beyond me. I drive long distances to family & friends and speed never got me there much earlier and certainly not relaxed.

  2. Richard Says:

    When the diversion was put in place, we were told it would be in place for 9 months and the bridge would be in use from August.

    Whats changed?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Richard,
      Construction of the parapets on Littlemoor Road Bridge has taken longer than anticipated. Finishing work on the bridge will take a further 4-6 weeks, however the final surfacing work does require periods of good weather!
      Construction of the other bridges at Ridgeway Hill, Southdown Ridge, Lorton Lane and Manor Roundabout are progressing very well.

  3. David Lidiard Says:

    Keep the 20MPH Speed Limit if there’s Proof that lives are Saved. Anyone who does more then speed limit x2 needs a very hevey fine and 6 points on licence. Keep up the Good work.

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