Conservation work


Conservation area and Lorton meadows (large version)

Hay from Tidmoor Ranges at Chickerell, which is known to have a good range of wildflowers in it, has been spread over maize fields next to Horse Lynch Plantation, known locally as Teddy Bear Woods, as a seed source.

This will be supplemented with wildflower seeds, collected by Dorset County Council, to restore the fields to provide an abundance of local wildflowers.

The work follows a series of arson attacks over the summer in the relief road conservation area, which runs from just to the east of Horse Lynch Plantation across to the Dorset Wildlife Trust Reserve.

Read more about it here.


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One Response to “Conservation work”

  1. True_Belle Says:

    Who on earth took that photo?

    I think you need some better overhead shots so as to do the work some justice. Perhaps the police or the coastguard helos may oblige as they fly over/patrol, they have decent cameras don’t they?

    Failing that , I know a few bods who have amazing model aircraft with cameras that take movies/stills. Lots of model aircraft clubs in the area.

    Overhead shots will be great for your photo records .

    I do hope the restoration is successful, best of luck with that one.

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