Green bridges


Artists impression of a green bridge (large version)

Work has started on the foundations for the Lorton Lane bridge.

This is another of the relief road’s green bridges, which are planted to help blend the bridge into the surrounding landscape and to provide a wildlife corridor. For example, bats like to follow hedges when they navigate so planting along the bridge will help them find a way across the road.

Southdown bridge and Ridgeway bridge will also be green bridges.

Lorton Lane bridge will keep access open to Lorton House, Lorton cottages and the Dorset Wildlife Trust Lorton Meadows visitor centre and nature reserve.


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2 Responses to “Green bridges”

  1. Fred Dunford Says:

    As a nearby resident of the W.R.R. I would like to compliment Skanska and it’s workforce on the way they have gone about there business, with low noise levels and air polutants, considering the size of their contract.

    I would also like to let locals know the work has not effected the local wildlife in the Lorton area, I still get woodpeckers, tawny owls, badgers, bats, and deer on my estate, animals like us soon adapt to new environments.

  2. Mark Says:

    I don’t think you should pander to the treehuggers, now you have approval, make concrete monsters just to teach them a lesson.

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