Creating a nature reserve


Work underway in the conservation area (large version)

Work has begun in the Lorton Valley – as part of the Weymouth Relief Road project – to restore more of the meadows between the Dorset Wildlife Trust nature reserve and Horselynch Plantation.

Two of the meadows have become covered in scrub, mainly brambles, in the past decade and there are only small pockets of grassland and wildflowers left.

To start the restoration, much of the scrub is being cut to the ground, but small patches of scrub and some individual trees are being left as song posts and breeding areas for birds.

The opening up of the meadow will also allow people to wander through the area, and to be able to avoid the muddy paths.

Early next year some of the cleared areas will be sown with wildflower seed, and next summer we hope the area will start to look more like a grassland nature reserve and less like a bramble thicket.



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