A look ahead


Artists impression of the finished road (large version)

Over the first three months of 2010, all of the structures for the Weymouth Relief Road will start to take shape and most will be completed by May.

This includes a pedestrian underpass by Manor Roundabout and an underpass beneath the new road into Two Mile Coppice, as well as all the bridges for the scheme.

The footpath over Littlemoor bridge will be open shortly, and this will give a good view of the construction of the Southdown Ridge bridge.

There will also be work over the winter on many of the bridleways for the scheme and on the cycleway from Ridgeway to Dorchester.

As soon as weather conditions become reasonably dry, the main earthworks for the road construction will restart, in preparation for starting to surface the road during the summer.


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4 Responses to “A look ahead”

  1. Mark Says:

    Nigel Smith, that sounds like an awesome idea… Please consider this!!!

    Also, any news when the Littlemoor bridge will be open for ROAD traffic?

  2. Nigel Smith Says:

    I wondered if there might be chance to walk along the route before the road is formally opened, perhaps by having a couple of open days? This would be an opportunity to experience the road as a pedestrian something that will not possible once it is opened.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Nigel,

      The project team are currently talking with Weldmar Hospice Care Trust and the local rotary clubs to work together to organise a charity walk/run of the road before it is open in order to raise funds for the local charities.

      More details of this will be published once something definite is decided on.

      Otherwise you will be able to walk along the majority of the road on the shared footpath and cycleway, which runs the length of the relief road from Manor Roundabout in Weymouth to Stadium Roundabout in Dorchester.

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