Diversion opening


40mph speed limit sign (large version)

The temporary diversion road on the A354 at Ridgeway Hill will be open on Monday.

For safety reasons the 40mph limit currently in place on Ridgeway Hill is being extended through the diversion to Stadium Roundabout, in Dorchester.

You can read more in a press release issued earlier today.


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7 Responses to “Diversion opening”

  1. ray Says:

    What happened at Morrisons roundabout , signs saying work starts here 12th October for 4 months , when the 4 months were up the signs were removed and the work not even half done . Skanska doing a good job ? NO i dont think so .

  2. John Bound Says:

    Could we please have on the web site a map of the whole project marking the structures and filling in with colour when completed?

  3. Richard Says:

    The press release says that the diversion will be open for about a year ( i.e. around Jan 2011).
    However, according to the schedule in the leaflet published at the time the work started, which is still available on the Dorsetforyou website, the main carriageway is due to open in October 2010. Has this date slipped?


    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Richard,

      At the moment the scheme is on schedule for the main carriageway to open by the end of this year. However, how fast this happens is determined by how much dry weather we have for earthworks. We have said that the diversion road would be open for around a year to cover all eventualities.

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