Balancing act


Balancing pond work near Chalbury corner (large version)

Balancing ponds have been created and extended in various locations as part of the relief road works.

They slow down water running off the road, which prevents downstream flooding in heavy rain.

Existing balancing ponds at Littlemoor and Chalbury are being extended and new ponds are being put in: along Littlemoor Road opposite the shopping centre, at the bottom of the scheme near Lodmoor and at the Ridgeway.


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4 Responses to “Balancing act”

  1. Peter Harris Says:

    I have heard that the new Littlemoor Road will not have pull-in lay-bys for bus stops. I cannot see details for the bus stops on the project drawings. Please re-assure me that this expensive new highway will not be subject to the dangers and hold-ups of buses stopping in the main carriageways.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Peter,

      Detailed consultation took place with First regarding the position and type of bus stops. First stated that they were opposed to bus lay-bys as the exit can be difficult and dangerous.

      The siting of bus stops is never easy as a lot of consideration needs to be taken into account. Easy access to the stops is desirable and this tends to place bus stops in the proximity to a junction, but due account needs to be taken of the visibility to and from vehicles in the side road. It is also very important to consider where passengers getting off the bus can safely cross the road.

      While the number two service is fairly regular, this bus route goes around Louviers Road. This means that only if one bus is very significantly delayed will two buses from the number two service be at this location at the same time.

      It is accepted that there are other services that use this road but they are far less frequent, and so the chance of having buses at both stops at the same time is low.

      Traffic flows on Littlemoor Road to the west of the new bridge are expected to fall significantly after the road is open, so the number of motorists delayed by a stopped bus will be low. Even with the current traffic levels, the delays caused by waiting buses is very minimal.

  2. Nigel Smith Says:

    We have been unable to work out the location of the photo. Any chance this can be clarified? The blog explains the work at Littlemoor that has been puzzling us, so thanks for the information. The balancing ponds are yet another impressive feature of the relief road!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Nigel,

      This photo shows the east end of Littlemoor Road, which connects to Chalbury Roundabout in Preston.

      You can just make out the semi-circular shape of St Andrew’s school at the top of the photo, and Goulds Garden Centre at the bottom.

      Hope this helps

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