Underspend – if only it was that easy


On Saturday the Dorset Echo ran an article stating that the relief road is currently £2m under budget – which is not true.

We do not anticipate any underspend on the Weymouth Relief Road, which is currently within budget and on schedule. (There is still a long way to go!)

Dorset County Council has recently informed the South West Council that the Weymouth Transport Package for the 2012 Games is currently estimated to cost £16m – which is £2m lower than previously estimated.

However, this is not (and will not be) considered an underspend as the scheme hasn’t been funded yet!

Welcome to the intricacies of local government finance!


2 Responses to “Underspend – if only it was that easy”

  1. Resident Says:

    There is one significant failure in the design of the project. There is no above ground pedestrian route linking Dorchester road to the north and Morrisons in the south or indeed the footpaths down to Lodmoor.
    Many pedestrians and particularly the elderly do not like underpasses. The design of the new one is particularly bad with relatively steep access gradients and more importantly no direct line of sight to ensure user security. A significant detour will be required to use the new underpass and it is fairly obvious that pedestrians will inevitably try to take an above ground short cut at a very busy roundabout.

  2. Snakeskin Cowboy Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about what the Echo claim, since it was taken over by Newsquest, everyone knows it’s become the local version of “The Sport” and accuracy and factual reporting is now pretty rare.

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