Lorton Lane Arches


Lorton Lane Bridge (large version)

Lorton Lane looks quite different from last week, now that the arches for the new Lorton Lane bridge are in place.

This view is looking south down the line of the relief road towards Two Mile Coppice, with Portland in the background. Over the next two weeks the arches will be ‘stitched’ together at the top with reinforcing steel and concrete. Once that work has been done and made waterproof we can start to backfill the outside of the arches with earth and form the new section of Lorton Lane that will run over the top of the bridge.

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2 Responses to “Lorton Lane Arches”

  1. Brian Heatley Says:

    Lorton Lane is only a little lane, but the bridge looks wide enough to carry a four lane motorway. Why?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Brian,

      The road over the bridge will be on the centre third of the bridge, and is a 4.5m wide carriageway plus the parapets and verge.

      The rest of the width of the bridge will be covered in earth and planted; Lorton Lane is one of the schemes green bridges and will be densely planted along its sides to create a corridor for wildlife to use to cross from one side of the relief road to the other.

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