Viking execution on Ridgeway


Analysis of teeth from the Ridgeway burial pit has revealed that the beheaded men were Scandinavian.

Remains of ten individuals from the execution pit have been painstakingly processed by Dr Jane Evans and Carolyn Chenery at NERC Isotope Geosciences Laboratory based in Nottingham.

They have concluded that the most likely place of origin for the excuted warriors is somewhere in the Scandinavian countries; Norway and Sweden, or Finland.

Discovered in June 2009, the pit contained 51 skulls placed in one distinct area of the pit, and the bodies discarded haphazardly in another area of the grave.

Read the press release. See photos on Flickr.


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One Response to “Viking execution on Ridgeway”

  1. Tony Scott Says:

    Visited the pavilion at weymouth on sunday morning, fasinating insite into the history of our area. if the relief road did not go ahead we would not have uncovered this importent site. many thanks to all of the people involved in the excavation,arcaeology and investigation. tony scott

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