Stairway to heaven?


Many people have been confused by what appears to be steps over the Ridgway bridge, and wondered how cyclists will be able to cross over it.

Good news, we’re not bonkers – they’re not steps!

The foundations for the bridge were formed as a series of layers of concrete one on top of the other, and the outside edges of these layers do look like steps from a distance. 

To create the final arched shape, the concrete foundation will be filled over with earth to bring the ground level up.  The blue ‘paint’ recently applied is a waterproofing layer.

The picture below is an artists impression of what a finished green bridge looks like.


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4 Responses to “Stairway to heaven?”

  1. Fred Dunford Says:

    Hi as a person who has the Weymouth Relief road at the bottom of my garden and have followed it’s progress both in person and through your exellent blog and photos,can i just compliment the staff of Skanska for the way they have gone about this project we hardly know a major road building site is a stones throw away well done guys.

  2. Stafford Pulman Says:

    I have followed every step.
    I saw bridges with earth filling running down the sides, to hide the concrete skeleton, whilst in France and thought it was a good move. This bridge will like good

  3. nigel smith Says:

    Thanks again for the info, we have been watching the construction with great interest and have been impressed with the amount of effort which has gone into it. But surely it isn’t part of the cycle route or is it? In this regard it would be good to see actual details of the cycle route and where we will be able to access it! Keep up the good work!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Nigel

      If you are heading towards Dorchester, there is a cycleway up the south side of Ridgeway hill, over the Ridgeway bridge, and continuing on the east side of the A354 to the roundabout into Dorchester.

      The latest copy of The Route, available on the 19 March blog posting, contains a summary of all the cycleways, footpaths and bridleways which might be what you are after.

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