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The Route - March 2010 (large version)

The latest edition of The Route is out now.

On the back page you can find out more about the cycleways and bridleways being created as part of the relief road scheme.


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5 Responses to “Newsletter out now”

  1. Lesley Black Says:

    I have watched the Weymouth Relief Road being built and am suitably impressed with the way it has been tackled. Whether it will achieve what the planners have said it will remains to be seen. My only critiscism is that the road from Broadmayne at the top of the Ridgeway should never have been closed as this has meant that persons wishing to access Weymouth from this area have to traverse Coombe Valley Road, and all that that entails, go to Dorchester or enter Weymouth via Poxwell. Not really the best solution. I think that the road should have been left open for one way only traffic entering the relief road to journey on to Weymouth. The return journey would have to be made through the other routes I have already mentioned.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Lesley,

      The A354’s performance as a Regionally Significant Road Route has, for a number of years, been compromised by congestion. This has in turn encouraged ‘rat-running’ on minor roads such as Broadmayne Road (C54) through the protected landscape of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

      The proposal to close Broadmayne Road at the junction with the A354 was, in part, as a result of The Countryside Agency’s (now Natural England) statutory objection to the previous schemes proposals, in particular the major all access junction at the Ridgeway.

      Ongoing consultation with Natural England led to a revised scheme which included moving the Ridgeway junction to a smaller limited movement junction at Bincombe and the closure of access to Broadmayne Road. A solution to provide safe access here would prove to be very difficult.

      The principal reason for not having a junction between the Broadmayne Road and the A354 is road safety. The proposals have been carefully designed to provide a safe, strategic route between Dorchester and Weymouth/Portland, ensuring consistency of road standards throughout the corridor.

      We do understand that this has an impact, but the proposals which are key elements in the highway authority’s strategy for transport in the A354 Dorchester-Weymouth-Portland corridor must meet the needs of the area in the context of national and regional policies for transport, the environment and sustainable development.

  2. peter starr Says:

    Thank you so much for your courteous and honest reply.All has now been explained also thanks for the link of the plan/blueprint of the scheme.All has been revealed.Living in this God forsaken city called London I have only been fed with what is on the internet.Now I have it first hand.
    Being there in Weymouth would have answered my questions instantly.
    I hope the scheme fares well,but do you not concede the real test will be in August after the grand opening when the tourists and toe rags travel over vast distances to annoy us !!! Then we will see the efficiency of this new by-pass and I really hope it works for everyone and wish you all good luck.
    Warm Regards

    Peter Starr

  3. Peter Starr Says:

    I would like to ask why the old Dorchester Road could not be retained between Weymouth and Dorchester for local traffic and in emergency if warranted.
    Also I would like to know WHY a continuous dual carriage is not being built.There seems to be a sense of false economy here somewhere and with a contraflow system in place I cannot believe there woud not be a bottle neck at the final section of the new bypass.

    I am genuinely interested for comments and no wish to be scathing,just a couple of honest comments to these simple questions.

    Peter Starr

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your questions.

      In July 1994 a dual carriageway road was granted planning permission, however the funding for the scheme was not forthcoming and the planning permission lapsed after 5 years.

      Following the lapse of planning permission, Dorset County Council undertook a review of the previously consented scheme. The previous dual carriageway route was rejected in light of changing policy guidance, developments within the area of the proposed route and new information about the ecological value of areas along the route.

      From this examination it was considered that the provision of a new single carriageway road was preferable to a dual carriageway as it would:

      • Ensure consistency of road standards throughout the corridor (no sections of the rest of the corridor from Portland to Dorchester are dualled)
      • Have less environment effect on the designated areas that wrap around the urban area of Weymouth
      • Although not likely to provide free flow traffic conditions along its whole route at all times, would best fit with the overall objectives of the integrated strategy for the corridor as a whole, and wider policy guidance and objectives

      The route has been designed to maintain an improved level of reliability and dependability of journey times on the A354 between Weymouth and Dorchester.

      The majority of the section from Icen Roundabout in Littlemoor to the Ridgeway will be single carriageway with a northbound climbing/crawler lane.

      There will be a junction at Bincombe that allows motorists from Dorchester Road to join northbound traffic heading towards Dorchester. Southbound traffic returning from Dorchester can leave the relief road at the Bincombe junction to join Dorchester Road.

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