Manor Roundabout


Traffic management at Manor Roundabout will be in place until next Wednesday evening.

Traffic lights with single lane traffic are in place at the moment to ensure the safety of the workforce and the general public. The lights are being operated manually during peak times to try and balance traffic flows through this very busy  intersection.

The traffic lights will be taken off on Sunday evening, when vehicles will be directed onto single running lanes through the new roundabout. 

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings next week, final surfacing works on the roundabout will be completed under Stop/Go boards from 6pm until 1am.

On the A354 between Stadium Roundabout in Dorchester and the top of Ridgeway Hill, traffic lights will continue to be used during March and April for the cycleway construction.



9 Responses to “Manor Roundabout”

  1. Ken Lee Says:

    Thanks for the promptly re-instating the pedestrian island on the south side of the roundabout. Is it the intention to do the same on the Greenway Road side?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Ken,

      The final works to Manor Roundabout should be complete by the end of June this year.

      A pedestrian island north of Greenway Road is being considered as part of the Dorchester Road improvements that will be constructed once the Relief Road is open

  2. Ken Lee Says:

    The Manor roundabout changes for the road have been more or less complete for some weeks. Provision for pedestrians seems to have stalled. Please advise why the central island has not been finished off.

  3. tim Says:

    just a few lines to praise Skanska and all involved with the relief road for their professionalism and efforts to cause as little disruption as possible during construction. The blog has been hugely helpful in informing of any likely delays helping me to plan when and which route to take when travelling.

  4. Steve J Says:

    “The traffic lights will be taken off on Sunday evening, when vehicles will be directed onto single running lanes through the new roundabout. ” This doesn’t appear to have happened (travelled through on Monday) – Is the planned completion still Wednesday evening?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Steve,

      The completion of the road surfacing is still planned for Wednesday.

      The road marking is scheduled for Wednesday evening, however this work is weather dependent and may need to be done during the day time under stop/go boards when the weather has improved.

      • Steve J Says:

        Great thank you for the response. I see it opened on time – great stuff traffic flowing much better now!

  5. Mark G Says:

    Very informative. Thank you.

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