Bincombe tree planting March 2010 (large version)

Both sides of the embankment near the hairpin bend at Bincombe have now been planted with trees – over a thousand plants were put in by hand!

As the warmer weather approaches a mixture of field maple, ash, oak, beech, apple and sweet cherry will come into leaf on the slopes, interspersed with hawthorn, blackthorn and holly.


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2 Responses to “Tree-mendous!”

  1. True_Belle Says:

    Tree- mendous yes, hope the deer don’t enjoy extended brekkies or supper though!

    They just love young saplings , however the birds will have some leafy retreats to nest in.

    Well done.

  2. Stafford Pulman Says:

    Yes, it is tree-mendous. 1000 trees is more than the few lost to the scheme and a far better mix of types. It will look fabulous in a few years time

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