Walk this way


Southdown Ridge footpath (large version)

Dry weather means that we can get on with completing footpaths and cycleways for the scheme.  Kerbings have been laid on the new footpath and cycleway from Upwey Station to the new Southdown Ridge bridge.

This route should be open to the public in early May, meaning that people will no longer have to walk around the diversion on Southdown Ridge.  A little further south, the Lorton Lane bridge should also be open in May.


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3 Responses to “Walk this way”

  1. Mr Will Dennick Says:

    Thanks for my first update but a simple map showing points A – B – C would be useful as I’ve no idea where Southdown Ridge or Lorton Lane Bridges are.
    Don’t take it as a critisism, I’m just too busy to search for the info.

  2. True_Belle Says:

    The lovely weather is a welcome sign of spring and ‘ the cracking on with it ‘ attitude. This has been a challenging project by the sounds of it, but you are almost there!

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