How low can you go?


Earthworks at Ridgeway bridge April 2010 (large version)

At the recent archaeological exhibition there was some concern about the height of the Ridgeway bridge.

But, as you can see in this photo, part of this years earthworks season is to dig out around two more metres of chalk from under the bridge.


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2 Responses to “How low can you go?”

  1. Susan Blake Says:

    As a result of the building of the relief road, the bridleway which crosses the ridgeway hill just below the Broadmayne road was closed. Agreement was reached with various bodies as to the diversion of this and other footpaths.

    However, this bridleway is not only part of the inland route of the SW Coastpath but also the Dorset Jubilee Trail.

    Can you tell me when the ridgeway bridge will be completed and walkers able to cross from the top of the ridgeway hill to the Broadmayne road. (I used it last year when there was a way through left by the contractors, but from what I can see from the bus to Weymouth this is not now possible).

    I sell the Dorset Jubilee Trail Guide and it would be helpful to have this information.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Susan,

      Walkers, cyclists and horseriders can still cross the scheme using the South West Coast Path diversion.

      There are signs in both directions showing the diversion route northwards from Broadmayne Road to the crossing point on the temporary A354 diversion.

      The Ridgeway bridge approach from the west can’t be completed until traffic is on the new road.

      This is because we have to do earthworks over the line of the current A354 to build the Ridgeway bridge approach from the west, and this can’t be done until traffic is diverted onto the new relief road.

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