Going for gold


Andy Ackerman and Willie McCormmick collect the award (large version)

The relief road project has been recognised as being in the top 7.5% of construction sites across the country.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) independently scores a participating project on how it communicates with the public and treats neighbouring properties, as well as looking at safety and environmental management on site.

Dorset County Council Head of Highways Andy Ackerman and Skanska Project Manager Willie McCormick proudly received the bronze award.

We are proud to have done well under the scheme, but we recognise that there’s a lot more work to do yet and it is our aim to do better.


3 Responses to “Going for gold”

  1. Geoff Says:

    I have to disagree with R Hart.. I think there is a great deal of information published about the road, you just need to have the inclination to look for it! Anyone with any real interest in what is happening will take the time to find out. I think it is a fascinating project and have documented it for my own personal use by taking hundreds of photos from the beginning..

    I admit, the puplic information available is mainly internet based but the blog and flickr photos have done a great job. The press releases don’t always appear get through to the local paper (The Echo) which seems to have lost interest in the road now it is in the process of being built. ( Not the fault of the WRR team)

    Good luck to all those involved with the road, and I certainly look forward to the day it is opened.

  2. R Hart Says:

    This MUST be a late April Fools joke!!

    If THIS has won an award I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a project that didn’t get one!

    I am a local resident and the communication about this project is awful, there are the original plans on the internet and a few attached to fenced off areas but other than that there are no updates as to what is going on.

    Nobody seems to fully understand what is going on other than there will be a road there at some point. As for the way in which they have treated neighbouring properties – all I can say is utterly disgraceful.

    At least they recognise that there’s still work to be done to be better, the only thing is I don’t think they really realise how much work needs to be done!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Russell,

      Sorry to hear you feel that way.

      On site we have done quite a few letter drops at the start of major phases of work to keep people informed, and we have tried to minimise nuisance from the works, for example with dust and noise fencing and by offering car wash vouchers and window cleaning to affected properties next to the works. We would be genuinely interested in hearing what would work better for you as a local resident, and we would welcome an email if you feel like taking the time to do that.

      There is a quarterly newsletter dedicated to the relief road, which can be found online or at Littlemoor Library, there are regular press releases that go out to the media and the blog is updated twice a week. We also put photos of the progress of the scheme on our Flickr account online.

      If there is some specific information you would like please email us

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