Earth and water


Littlemoor Road works near Chalbury corner (large version)

The new balancing pond at Chalbury corner is nearly finished, and will soon be planted with wetland grasses and plants.

The Chalbury pond picks up rainfall from further west and acts as a detention basin to slow down the flow east through the Preston area.

There is also good progress on earthworks for the new Littlemoor Road in this area – the attached images show how it all fits together.

The earth taken out from the basin is being used to make a raised earth bund – which will be planted – between the current Littlemoor Road and the new sections of Littlemoor Road.


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2 Responses to “Earth and water”

  1. Peter Harris Says:

    Fine building earth bunds to soak up the noise along the new sections of Littlemoor Road but what mitigation is planned for the residents of properties on the old unchanged but affected by the increased traffic flow Eastern end section of this road?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Peter,

      Between the eastern end of the scheme and Chalbury Roundabout, Littlemoor Road is proposed to be resurfaced following on from the relief road works. The new surface will be smoother and quieter than the existing surface.

      As a result, noise levels are not expected to be significantly higher than they would have been without the scheme.

      We took noise measurements at several locations along Littlemoor Road before the construction work started and will be repeating them once the scheme is open.

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