The thickness of it


Ridgeway bridge May 2010 (large version)

Work is continuing on the Ridgeway bridge. This photo shows some of the final topsoil placed on the eastern approach to the bridge.

This area and the sides of the bridge will be planted with trees and scrub, which is why the topsoil here is much thicker than the Ridgeway road cuttings – which have a thinner layer of topsoil to suit wildflower establishment.

The western Ridgeway bridge approach can’t be completed until traffic is switched from the A354 onto the new relief road, this is because the bridge approach will be in what is now the main carriageway.

Pedestrians, cyclists and horses can still use the paths and bridleways in the area by going along the signposted South West Coast Path diversion, which is also the diversion for the Jubilee Trail.


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4 Responses to “The thickness of it”

  1. Stuart Morris Says:

    Must be cold up there with all that snow!
    Very impressed with the work though. Will there be more topsoil on the main Ridgeway cuttting?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Stuart,

      The Ridgeway cuttings have had their topsoil covering, which is thin to give the local chalk grass and wildflower mix that we have sown the best chance to take hold.

      Wildflowers do best in a low nutrient, poor soil and unwanted plants such as thistle and dock prefer thicker topsoil – so the landscaping plan for this area aims for good wildflower establishment with minimal weeds.

  2. Interesting Says:

    1 Bloke doing some work ontop
    1 Bloke sitting down on his phone under the bridge
    4 blokes stood around chatting seemingly.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:


      The ‘4 blokes chatting’ are a group of local borough councillors on a site visit.

      We do a lot of site visits to help keep councillors and other interested groups up to date with the progress of the scheme.

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