Bird spotting


Marsh Harrier (large version)

In early May we were alerted to a pair of Marsh Harriers nesting fairly close to the Weymouth Relief Road site boundary. Marsh harriers are a Schedule 1 Protected Species. They are a bird of prey that is very rarely found in Dorset, and are recovering from near extinction. 

A revised programme of work was immediately introduced near the nest site to avoid disturbance to the birds.

The revised programme includes an exclusion zone around the birds in which no work will take place. There are a number of staff monitoring the nest, and work will stop immediately if the birds display any signs of agitation as a result of the construction works.

Our observations since May indicate that the birds have become accustomed to their environment. However, until breeding has finished, or the chicks leave the nest, particularly noisy work, or work which causes vibrations, will not restart.

We would welcome observations from any local bird recorders of any activity from the birds.



2 Responses to “Bird spotting”

  1. lyn carry Says:

    For your information …Are these the two birds nesting at the the southern edge of the rail tunnel on a rocky ledge .. i first spotted them from the top deck of a bus going towards dorchester about 4 weeks ago? I thought they were buzzards.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Lyn,

      The harriers are near the southern part of the site, the exact location is under wraps for the time being, but I believe the RSPB hopes to run some viewing events once the young birds are flying.

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