Shaping up nicely


New Littlemoor Road, June 2010 (large version)

As well as the main relief road works, there is a lot to do for the new section of Littlemoor Road.

The earthworks for the shape of the road are nearly finished and work is ongoing to put in the drainage for the road.

There is around another four weeks of work to be done on the new section of road opposite the garden centre and schools.

Drainage and kerbing operations will then head towards the site office, with the tarmac going down in the summer.

Earthworks to form the new bund (earth mound) are mostly complete, which will reduce noise from the new road to nearby properties.



4 Responses to “Shaping up nicely”

  1. Nigel Smith Says:

    Can you tell me what kind of surface the new Littlemoor and relief road will have through residential areas? Will it be the quiet surface we have on the Dorchester Road which makes a considerable difference in that it reduces surface road noise significantly?

  2. Mark Says:

    This bit of road seem independent to the main work on the reliefroad as it joins back onto the existing road by the supermarket.

    Does this mean it will be opened before the rest of the work?

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