Concerns of Littlemoor residents


Weymouth Relief Road (large version)

The county council was recently contacted by the Dorset Echo, who had seven questions they required answers to.

We responded in full to the Dorset Echo with the following answers.

What are the workmen’s working hours? We have heard that they are working from 7.30am to 8pm daily. Also, why has damping down stopped?

There are two bowsers on site constantly damping down during the day. The recent warm and dry weather with a gentle breeze makes dust suppression difficult.

The contractor’s summer weekday working hours are 7am to 7pm, with an hour for shutdown. On Saturdays, work is from 8am to 1pm with an hour for shutdown.

The project has had extended working hours for some weekends during April, May and June while the bulk earthworks were continuing, but at this stage further extensions of working hours have not been requested.

The contract remains on programme.

With regards to 51 The Finches, will the sound barrier between the road and house be extended the extra 50ft to the bridge?

The resident of number 51 The Finches recently mentioned that he could hear the site plant when it passes the end of one of the noise fences. We are currently investigating the best fencing options and will be contacting the owner to discuss them with him.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the patch of land that was enclosed between the first acoustic barrier and the fence of 51 The Finches? There is no access for maintenance and it is quickly filling with weeds.

This land is owned by Dorset County Council. A weed barrier has been installed in the area although the work is not yet finished.

Residents are also concerned that footpaths are overflowing with thistles and weeds.

The fields either side of the fenced road corridor are privately owned. The contractor has strimmed the area that forms part of the scheme.

Will the council be putting in dog mess bins along the footpaths around Littlemoor and by the new relief road? Residents are worried about dog mess being left in bags everywhere.

We will be discussing the issue of dog bins with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, who has responsibility for environmental health issues.

Will residence get monetary compensation for water used to clean their houses from dust? Will residents whose houses have devalued due to the road building (or those who cannot now sell them), be given compensation? They can apply for compensation a year and a day after the road is completed but will they get compensation then?

Dorset County Council is authorised to pay compensation to owners of property affected by public works such as the Weymouth Relief Road through Acts of parliament.

Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973 provides the right for property owners to claim compensation where no land has been acquired but the owner has suffered loss in value of property caused by the use of the road.

Generally, the first date that a claim may be submitted is twelve months after the road is first used after completion.

The payment is normally made through solicitors because the Act requires the payment to be registered against property title.

The law relating to claims of this sort are complex. Claimants are therefore encouraged to seek advice from a professionally qualified person such as a surveyor or solicitor who can advise on a person’s rights and act on their behalf.

The county council will reimburse a claimant in respect of the reasonable professional fees incurred in preparing and negotiating a compensation claim.

Residents also concerned about the amount it is costing to keep washing their windows/cars, one man has 4×4 so can’t use the Morrisons car wash.

Any residents adjacent to the works who need their windows washed can ask for this by calling the project number. Many Littlemoor residents have taken up this offer this year.

We will also reimburse the cost of car washing for residents who live adjacent to the relief road works.

Residents have said that the council is not listening to them any longer. Are there plans for a public meeting to reassure residents?

All Weymouth and Portland residents can keep up to date with the progress of the road through the quarterly newsletter, the project blog and via the local media.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the relief road can contact the project team by email or phone 01305 224394.

Properties directly affected by specific work are given notice of the work and provided with contact details should they want to discuss the work with Skanska or Dorset County Council.



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