Littlemoor Road bridge – how does it connect?


Littlemoor Road bridge aerial picture (large version)

The roundabouts in the Littlemoor area have now taken shape.

The aerial picture above shows how Littlemoor Road connects with the Littlemoor Road bridge and the new roundabout to give access to the relief road.

The roundabout to the bottom of the picture provides access to the new road from Littlemoor. The roundabout to the left of the picture connects to the Littlemoor Road bridge and provides access to Littlemoor Road from the relief road. 

The road from the bridge will be straightened to connect to the roundabout, which will also move the road away from the houses and give better visibility for drivers.


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4 Responses to “Littlemoor Road bridge – how does it connect?”

  1. David Says:

    How will Icen Lane be managed during the remainder of the works?

    Obviously it’s on a temporary alignment at the moment, but there will soon be a time when it needs to be closed completely to complete the rest of the road between Littlemoor and Chapel Lane – presumably Bincome Lane up to the Ridgeway junction can’t be opened until the main scheme is opened up? Will Icen Lane take its new permament alignment (as seen in the plans above) onto the new Littlemoor Road roundabout?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi David

      The current plan is to construct the new road from the north up until the existing Icen Lane diversion then create a temporary crossing for Icen Lane over the new road. We can then complete the connection of Icen Lane to the roundabouts along with other final works on the Littlemoor roundabouts, and open the new sections of road when complete at the end of the project. The Bincombe Lane junction will not be open for a couple of months after the Relief Road is open.

  2. Richard Says:

    When will traffic be diverted on to the new Littlemoor Road roundabout?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Richard

      Although we are constructing roundabouts now, diverting traffic onto this section of road is one of the last phases of the project because we have to complete the work along Littlemoor Road first. Littlemoor Road and the connection to the roundabouts will be finished at the same time as the main Relief Road route. The whole scheme will be complete by spring 2011.

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