Vote on names for relief road roundabouts


Vote on names for relief road roundabouts (large version)

Four new roundabouts are being built as part of the road, two in the Littlemoor area and two at the southern end of the scheme near Morrison’s. Local schoolchildren, the relief road construction team and Dorset County Council staff submitted over 70 names for consideration. Now an online poll at will give local people a chance to choose their favourite names from a shortlist for each roundabout.

Suggestions were scored by a judging panel against three criteria – relevance, originality and impact, with the top names now being put forward to the public vote.

The closing date for votes is midnight on Monday 23 August.

View the shortlists and vote online.



3 Responses to “Vote on names for relief road roundabouts”

  1. Stuart Morris Says:

    Can’t wait but I do worry whether the Westham signals will function better than the former roundabout there. If not people may mistakenly blame the Relief Road for ‘moving the queues into Weymouth’.

    Re names; plenty of scope but please do not use ‘Veasta’. That is NOT an ancient mythical name for a Dorset sea monster. The ‘creature’ of 1457 was reported by Raphael Holinshed was an enormous cockerel standing in the sea crowing N S E and W. The product of someone’s dreams. Not even mythology, but total nonsense!

  2. Andy Adams Says:

    Is there any chance of publishing an updated timeline for the open of the main carriageway. Looking at the media.jsp it looks around Oct/Nov this year. Is this still on schedule? If so that is great news as now not long to wait.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Andy

      At the moment it is expected that the main carriageway will be open in December 2010 or January 2011, which is slightly later than the original timeline you refer to. The later opening date is primarily because we lost two months of good weather for major earthmoving in 2009, meaning that this work had to be completed in 2010, which moved the overall programme back. The Bincombe junction tie in and the Park and Ride will be completed after the main carriageway is open. There are two to three months work to do for these parts of the scheme meaning that the overall scheme will be completed in Spring 2011.

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