Weekend work


Littlemoor Gap tarmac (large version)

Lorton Lane chalk stabilisation (large version)Surfacing of the road has gone well so far. In the left photograph you can see the first strip of tarmac through the Littlemoor Gap.

This weekend there will be some work to ‘trim’ the rest of the surface to the correct level in preparation for more tarmac next week.

Hours of work will be from 8am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Elsewhere in the south of the scheme, chalk stabilisation to create the foundation layer for the road is almost complete.

After the chalk is stabilised a thin layer is put on top of it to protect the surface, this is the black layer you can see in the right photograph taken south of the Lorton Lane bridge.


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2 Responses to “Weekend work”

  1. Steve Says:

    How tall is that bridge? One of the problems with the existing road is lorries getting stuck under the railway bridge near the hairpin bend. Does the new bridge at littlemoor have more clearance underneath? I’ve seen the other bridges in the scheme and they look like they have a lot more clearance than this one.

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