Manor Roundabout (large version)

Manor Roundabout has been planted, now that the hottest months are behind us, and some of the final landscaping works have been completed on the rest of the scheme.

This month a lot of the embankments throughout the scheme have been seeded, and the remainder will also soon be seeded, along with the road verges.

Most of the plants for the scheme will be put in during November, December and January.


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4 Responses to “Planted!”

  1. George Reed Says:

    I have never understood why funds were not also invested in the Bath to Weymouth single rail line. Returning the second track to the present line and increasing the number of trains would have benefited both Dorchester and Weymouth and would have gone someway to reducing not increasing future traffic.
    Surely a missed chance to repair over 30 years of neglect and offer a viable alternative route for West Dorset and beyond into Weymouth.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi George,

      The development of local, rural, railway lines is dependent on the level of demand and is reflected in the previous government’s introduction of the term ‘community railway’, where local communities are encouraged to work together to promote the advantages of using the local line.

      For instance, the Bristol to Weymouth railway line is promoted by the Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership.

      Investment in national rail infrastructure is very expensive and is managed by the Department for Transport through Network Rail.

      The money spent annually on rail infrastructure is dependent on how much money is allocated from the Treasury. Any significant expenditure has to follow very precise and demanding economic guidelines and must also be justified by passenger demand for improvement.

      In these circumstances, strategic and urban commuter routes will always be the main beneficiaries, with rural routes having to be subsidised by more profitable ones.

      Unless there is a significant increase in demand for travel on the Bristol to Weymouth line, it is unlikely that it will get any considerable improvement.

    • David Says:


      The Bristol to Weymouth line is a local, slow line serving rural communities. Upgrading it would have done nothing to help the congestion through Upwey and Broadwey. There are far bigger priorities on the rail network, including dualling the Exeter to Waterloo line and the electrification of the GWML from Paddington to Bristol TM.

      Possibly a couple more passing loops to allow more frequent services on the Weymouth-Bristol line could be realistic, aswell as more express services.

  2. Duckorange Says:

    I particularly like the orange and white ones around the perimeter of the roundabout. Well done!

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