Fields in bloom


Conservation area gateway (large version)The conservation area being established as part of the Weymouth Relief Road project will become an extension to the Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve.

Two of the fields have changed this summer from bare land into wildflower meadows.

Last autumn the grass was cut and wildflower hay from the MoD rifle range at Chickerell was strewn across the field to provide wildflower seeds for this season, and a further sowing of native grass and wildflower seed was applied.

This autumn, now there has finally been enough rain to germinate the seeds, the plants have started to grow and flower. In the picture you can see the yellows of Fleabane and Bristly Ox-tongue and the white of Mayweed. Most of the rarer species will flower next year.

These plants species will attract butterflies and other insect life into the fields, and flower seed and insects will in turn attract a range of birds to feed.

There are a number of paths and plenty of gates and stiles into the fields to provide good public access and people are welcome to wander over and enjoy the area.

The gateways are currently being finished, including drainage so that they don’t become boggy over winter. However, if you do see anyone abusing the land, such as cutting the fences that have just been put in, please let us know immediately.


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