Chapel Lane (Large version)

During October, the north section of the road – from Icen Lane to Ridgeway bridge – will be finished.

Kerbing and drainage is mostly in, as are many of the vehicle restraints and verges. The final layer of tarmac and the white lines will also be done this month.

Littlemoor Roundabouts will continue to take shape over the month and the roadside fencing and some of the kerbing will be put in.

South from Littlemoor, residents will see a lot of work continuing on the road surface, as well as on footpaths from Manor Roundabout to Southdown Ridge bridge.

Work will also continue on the link from Manor Roundabout to the relief road, including the footpath link to the new subway east of Manor Roundabout

The park and ride site earthworks are in the final stages, and drainage and footpaths are going in throughout October.


4 Responses to “October”

  1. Geoff Says:

    If the Echo says it is, then it must be!! .. we live in hope.

  2. Richard Says:

    According to today’s Bornemouth Daily Echo, Princess Ann will be opening the Weymouth Relief Road on December 10th. Is this true?

    • Brian Tingay Says:

      Is the road likely to be ready by then? Only, seems like theres loads still to do, especially surrounding the roundabouts in Littlemoor – they just seem too far behind to be ready for 6 weeks time, and the wet weather is only likely to slow that more

      • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

        Hi Brian,
        Apologies, an earlier response does not seem to have been posted.

        The Princess Royal will be attending the Weymouth Relief Road on 10 December to mark its completion, however the main carriageway is most likely to be open early next year.

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