We want to hear from you


Dorchester Road northbound near Wey Valley (large version)Comments submitted at the recent Dorchester Road consultation events have been collated and show that it is 50/50 between those who want the scheme and those who don’t.

Residents can submit their comments on the proposals until midnight on Tuesday 30 November.

What do you like/dislike? And do you have any ideas for what you would like to see done?

All the comments will be looked at in more detail after the closing date.

The improvements to Dorchester Road is being funded by, and is part of, the Weymouth Relief Road project, which means that the money cannot be used for anything else.


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10 Responses to “We want to hear from you”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Generally, I support the proposed modifications to the Dorchester Road.
    I do agree that a way of ensuring a reduction in traffic speed (avoiding crude lumps and bumps methods) is vital and like the idea of a slightly raised platform by means of a gentle 1 in 15 ramp at the Elwell Street junction. I will also be very relieved to see the removal of the traffic lights at the junction with Littlemoor Road!
    Is Jesty’s Avenue going to remain, unnecessarily, blocked to vehicles at one end?
    It is disappointing that so few comments appear to have been received, since plans were displayed, which would seem to indicate that the majority of local residents do not have a problem with what is intended.

  2. Paul Says:

    It makes me laugh these people who call some roads “rat runs”. There is no such thing as a rat run, every road is a public highway and any member of the public is allowed to use it. If avoiding the main road is going to make my journey quicker and less stressful then I will do so.

    Putting in speed bumps and islands etc does not discourage drivers from using roads, it just makes people more angry and are more likely to drive dangerously. Take Goldcroft Road for example. Everyone tries to make sure the speed bump goes in between their wheels, which means going in the middle of the road forcing other drivers out the way!

  3. Terry Says:

    Those who advocate traffic calming should be be careful what they wish for, what they get may be beyond their expectations. We don’t need any of those ‘improvements’ like those along Spa Road and the vehicle suspension damaging ones on Radipole Park Drive. Remember one day, you may be in an ambulance rushing to hospital along Dorchester Road.
    As I have said before, let’s wait and see the actuality before rushing in to anything. Things may be entirely different when the Relief road is open.

  4. Terry Says:

    I think the Dorchester Road Lanscaping is a brilliant idea and cannot wait for it to happen. I tshould definately go ahead.

  5. darren luff Says:

    The proposals look good, although we did not get any information through the post (84? dorch road) but my mother in law did and she does not live in the effected area?

    If we could have dorchester road closed at the ridgeway that would be very good. it may take me an extra 5 minutes to get to dorchester, but not to have a ‘rat run’ would benifit the whole area

  6. Weymouth Relief Road Says:

    Thank you for your comments regarding the Dorchester Road Improvements. They will be taken into consideration as part of our consultation.

  7. Roger Pinhey Says:

    We approve the majority of the proposals, but would like to see more “traffic calming” measures to slow down the anticipated 3000 vehicles each day. Becasue they will be relatively few, they will always go over the speed limit, and our rise near Chapel Lane (outside my drive) is notoriously dangerous with little, but fast, traffic, unless slowed down by some calming measures…within budget…instead of spending it on “brown surfaces”!

  8. Terry Says:

    Why rush into things. We don’t know what traffic on Dorchester Road is going to be like after the Relief Road is opened so let’s wait and see before panicking into making changes which may prove not to be needed..
    Does it really matter if any work isn’t done until post-2012?
    Traffic flow along the road will only improve for the better with an alternative road available.
    As for the suggestion that the road will become a ‘rat run’, it is likely that traffic will flow faster along the relief road and so any advantage of going north along Dorchester Road will be negated by the need to negotiate the various bends, and traffic lights together with the slip road feed onto the relief road.
    There will hardly be an increase in parking between the Littlemoor Road junction and Old Station Road because of the physical width of the road and any problems that MAY arise could be dealt cheaply with by a traffic order and a pot of yellow paint.

  9. dave Says:

    I would like to see cycle ways on all major roads in Weymouth and fine those cyclists who do not use them. This will still be a major road.

  10. Mark Says:

    The proposals look nice. I can’t think of any reason NOT to do it.

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