Latest aerials


Bincombe junction (large version)

Aerial photos of the road, taken in October, are now available on our Flickr account.

In this image you can see the Bincombe junction has been surfaced. Vehicles from Upwey can use the on-slip to go north to Dorchester and people returning home to Upwey from Dorchester can use the off-slip to go under the relief road, under the railway bridge and rejoin the Dorchester Road.



3 Responses to “Latest aerials”

  1. Brian Tingay Says:

    Fantastic effort guys, the photos look great. 5 Years time were never know the old road was there as this will look completely natural. Cant wait to drive on it….. 🙂

  2. george Says:

    Hard to imagine what it looked like before. The landscaping looks great already, all credit to the contractors and team

  3. Geoff Says:

    An excellent set of photographs!
    It is good to see the park and ride development from the air in your Flickr account as there are so few places on the ground to see the works.

    Overall, the WRR team has done a great job.

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