Park, ride, walk, cycle and play


Park and ride progress (large version)

Mount Pleasant Park and Ride is progressing well.

In this latest aerial image you can see the 350 tarmac parking spaces taking shape at the top of the area, with the planting boxes being built.

You can also see the tarmac being laid around the 650 overflow gravel spaces.

The luscious green in the bottom corner is the two new rugby pitches, and the wiggle of tarmac on the left is the cycleway link between the main relief road path and the track around the rugby club.


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4 Responses to “Park, ride, walk, cycle and play”

  1. Brian Tingay Says:

    Hi, am I right in saying the Park and Ride will have the facilities to house 1,000 cars? Seems like a lot. And surely it would make sense to tarmac the whole lot rather than just 350 and gravel the remaining 650 as the gravel will become very “pot-hole” covered, especially when these boy racers turn up at night doing all sorts like wheel spins and hand brake turns. Also, will there be any gates or fencing to stop gypsys turning up, and to keep boy racers and drug dens out at night?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Brian,

      The tarmac parking area will cope the majority of the time, with the gravel area primarily being used at busy periods like Christmas and during the summer.

      The park and ride is built on a landfill site so in time some settlement will take place. The surfaced area has been designed with this in mind but it is far easier to regulate a gravel area than a surfaced area.

      The gravel area does have a surfaced circulating road, but surfacing the whole area would also increase the visual impact of the site and increase the amount of rain runoff from the site.

      A large part of the gravel area has a permeable sub grade so water can filter downwards and be picked up by a sub surface drainage system. This will reduce the tendency for potholes to form.

      There will be both entrance and exit gates, with one-way flaps on the exit so the exit gate could be left open if there are still cars in the car park when the attendant comes to lock up. There will also be CCTV cameras on the site.

  2. Mark Says:

    Nice, where do the 2 roads at the top corner go? I am thinking the top one joins up with the main reliefroad just over the Railway bridge and the other at the back of NewLook?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Mark,

      That’s right, the lower one joins up with Mercery Road which goes through the New Look/Ambulance site.

      The other road leads to Veasta Roundabout, where you can either head over the railway bridge towards Manor Roundabout or turn onto the main relief road carriageway to Littlemoor/Dorchester.

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