November update


Littlemoor roundabouts Oct 2010 (large version)

During the rest of November surfacing works will continue across the scheme.

The surface course on the northern section – the main road from Dorchester end to Icen Lane – has been finished, and the white lining, road studs and barriers will be completed by the end of the month.

Kerbing and road construction will progress within the Littlemoor pond area with tarmac programmed to be laid at the end of November.

The Jurassic and Bincombe Bumps roundabouts are taking shape. There is still a significant amount of drainage work to be completed in the area, however, kerb and drainage kerb installation has started, which help mark out the form of the roads and roundabouts in the area.

The middle section of Littlemoor Road will be surfaced to binder course by the end of November, and work will then start on footpaths, street lighting and signage.

The Littlemoor corridor has been surfaced and work is progressing southwards completing the verge works.

At Two Mile Coppice the road formation is being completed. The main line around Veasta Roundabout and on to Manor Roundabout is programmed to be surfaced in the early part of December.


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3 Responses to “November update”

  1. Peter Harris Says:

    Thanks for the response.

    It is on my to/from work jogging route so would very much appreciate knowing when I can use it again.

  2. Peter Harris Says:

    Any idea when the footpath from Manor Roundabout down alongside Two Mile Woods will re-open, please?

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