Drive through


This video will take you on a northbound journey from Manor Roundabout to Ridgeway.

Although Icen Lane isn’t yet dug out, and there is a small diversion away from the line of the road, it will give you a good idea of the alignment of the road.

The length of the road will seem a bit deceptive because it’s driven at the site speed limit of 10mph (don’t panic we’ve sped the video up).

As a guide:

  • Manor Roundabout is about one mile from Southdown Ridge
  • The Littlemoor roundabouts are approximately one mile from Bincombe underbridge
  • Bincombe underbridge is about half a mile from Ridgeway bridge


6 Responses to “Drive through”

  1. MarkG Says:

    Excellent stuff. Don’t forget there is a charity walk in a couple of weeks along the north section of the road. Only £10 to join in…..

  2. dave Says:

    Is there a more up to date version?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      No, this is it.

      It’s still very busy on site and there are few opportunities to drive the length of the main carriageway uninterrupted.

      Hopefully this video still gives a good idea of the path of the road, especially the southern section which can’t be seen from Dorchester Road.


    Very impressive “Drivethrough”
    Can’t wait for the chance to drive on it for real.

  4. Martin Hill Says:

    This will give rise to much optimism. The end is not far away!

  5. portland42 Says:

    A good video of an excellent job.
    Vindicates those of us who have been pressing for this road – for decades!

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