January work


Throughout January work will continue on finishing the roundabouts, final surfacing of the southern section of the road and white lining.

The road signs will also start to go up on the southern section between Littlemoor and Manor Roundabout.

Work is also ongoing on the park and ride, which will be open in the spring.

Unfortunately the extreme cold weather in December has delayed work and the main carriageway of the road is now scheduled to open in February.

Dorset County Council Head of Highways Andy Ackerman said:

“Residents have been waiting a long time for this scheme and it is unfortunate that the unusually cold weather in December has pushed the road opening back a month.

“Skanska has done a good job, but some things the construction industry doesn’t have control over.”

When the main carriageway is open, work will focus on completing the Bincombe junction and downgrading the old A354 between the hairpin bend and Ridgeway bridge to a bridleway and cycleway.

Plans are currently being finalised to use the park and ride buses to shuttle Broadwey residents to a connecting Dorchester bus service in Littlemoor.


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17 Responses to “January work”

  1. Mike Says:

    PS..in my huble oppinion (as a driving instructor)…Lights at the following are not needed and waste thousands of pounds a year….also costing every driver more time more money and more maintenance..
    Camp road….you get stopped here for NO reason(this should be an RB)
    Lanehouse….ridiculus place for lights
    Granby…..again…ridiculus…such a waste of funds ….these are not wanted OR needed…..and cause gridlock every day.Who is responsible for these money wasting schemes???…I whole heartely agree with the earlier comments about why is there one ‘here’ and not ‘there'(comments by Mel)….and suspect the answer would be if it aint broke dont fix it….Littlemoore lights should have gone years ago…they are a constant cause of griglock for NO reason whatsoever,a mini RB with a 20 mph limit would cure it overnight.

  2. Mike Says:

    Was wondering if the safety aspect is being considered..?when fitting carbon emiting lights ,what I mean by this is at Traffic lights ‘accidents'(term used very loosely because its actually driver error)..are head on or side impact(can be killers)…collisions at roundabouts are far less severe,and backed by statistics.Therefore RB’s are far greener for the enviroment far safer and far cheaper,the only downside is drivers travelling too fast on approach and around them(not allowing other cars to enter)..The intellegent thing to do would be to give ALL RB’s a national speed limit ..(20mph)….allowing flow cutting down on ..’accidents’…..being ‘Green’….and safe.
    Or would those making huge profits(buying,fitting,maintaining) not allow this …because it is too sensible too cheap too Green and far safer..the swedish have the safest roads on the planet….and they think we are completely bonkers…..and I agree our system kills an maims when there is no need,just a little for-thought

  3. Geoff Says:

    Will the opening day of the road be announced in advance.. or will it just ‘appear’ overnight?
    Living on the upper end of Dorchester Road, I guess we will have prior warning of what the buses will be doing while the hairpin junction is being sorted.
    Great work.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Geoff,

      The road opening will be announced a few days in advance, and it is quite likely it will be in the early hours as there will be a short delay while the barriers are rearranged.

      While the Bincombe junction is being finished, the relief road park and ride buses will provide a free shuttle service which will link up with the private bus services from Littlemoor.

      The exact details are currently being finalised and we will let the Upwey and Broadwey communities know as soon as we have them.

  4. Peter Harris Says:

    Will the whole of Littlemoor Road be resurfaced as a part of the relief road works? Nearly all of it from the new overpass to the Coombe Vally Junction has suffered and is now in a very bad state of repair.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Peter,

      As part of the project a new Littlemoor Road is being built to carry traffic from Chalbury Corner to the Littlemoor roundabouts.

      We would like to carry out surface improvements to the existing Littlemoor Road at the end of the scheme, however, this will depend on sufficient funds being available.

      • Peter Harris Says:

        Thanks for your response but before I quote you, can you just
        confirm that a new Littlemoor Road is being built from Chalbury
        Corner to the Littlemoor Roundabouts? I would interpret this as
        meaning at least a new road surface for the entire length.

      • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

        Hi Peter,

        I should have been more specific; there are no improvement works on the section of road between Chalbury Corner and the last house on the south side of the road by the balancing pond.

        We hope to resurface this section, but again it depends on sufficient funds being available.

  5. Mel Says:

    Hi, if the new traffic light system that has replaced Harbour & Westham roundabouts is so brilliant then why are we keeping Chafeys & Manor roundabout as roundabouts? Surely these junctions deserve super intelligent traffic lights, they are still part of the main link over to Portland.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Mel,

      This brings us back to the debate of roundabouts vs traffic signals, they both have their uses but the only way to improve capacity/flow at a roundabout is to make it bigger.

      Manor Roundabout has been made bigger as part of the relief road project, and as such will be able to handle the predicted traffic flows.

      In town, the roundabouts are surrounded by water or properties which makes it impossible to make them bigger. They are also so close together that they will easily link as traffic signals which read flows and ‘talk’ to each other.

      Manor Roundabout and Chafey’s Roundabout are too far away from each other, and the other roundabouts in town, for traffic signals to work. Any signals at these junctions would be stand alone, a bit like the Littlemoor Road lights.

      • Mike Says:

        Your answers to Mel are conflicting……the RB at boot hill WAS as big as any other RB’s in Weymouth,if not BIGGER,so that makes no sense at all……..smaller RB’s just need slower approach in order to work,with a national 20mph(size would then be irelevent)……Maybe THEN we could choose green flowing insteads of Carbon producing & Red lights……or is it a case of well we know its wrong but its too late the big companies allready been payed ?…if so be straight…instead of ignorant ?…yes …?….I would be very interested in finding out WHO planned this and WHO they consulted with.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Firstly – we’ve been waiting so long for this, that no-one is going to mind waiting a little longer. Thanks for all your efforts to make this happen!

    However – will the slight delay to the opening date impact on the planned works for Dorchester Road? I recall a suggestion at the public information sessions in the autumn that a delay to opening the road may leave insufficient time to complete the Dorchester Road improvement (possibly due to the enforced roadwork shutdown pre-2012 games???)

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Comments from the Dorchester Road consultation are currently being looked at, with the provisional assessment that local people were about 50/50 on whether they wanted the scheme or not.

      The delayed opening of the road won’t have an impact on the Dorchester Road scheme.

      We have been working closely with the Olympic Delivery Authority to ensure that any works can go ahead, as Dorchester Road will not be on the primary Olympic Route Network.

  7. Mel Says:

    When the work on the new road is all completed will we then see the Littlemoor traffic lights disappear?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Mel,

      The removal of the Littlemoor Road traffic lights is being looked at as part of the Dorchester Road landscaping and improvements project.

      The comments from the consultation, which ended in November, are being looked at in detail at the moment.

      It is proposed that the signals are replaced with a T-junction, as the reduction of traffic on Dorchester Road will mean the lights are no longer required.

      It is likely that this will be done this year.

  8. Mark Says:

    Will the new bit of road running parallel along Littlemoor road down towards Preston be opening the same time as the main Weymouth to Dorchester part?

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