Road widening


Littlemoor Road widening (large version)

On the north side of Littlemoor Road, opposite the Co-op, stone is being put in place as part of the road widening between Bincombe Bumps Roundabout and the start of the new Littlemoor Road. This will also enable the footpath on the supermarket side to be widened to form a shared cycleway / footway.

The stone is being levelled with a machine called a grader. It ensures that there are no hollows, which would have to be made up with bituminous material, or high points that would weaken the pavement design.

It is also easier to get a smooth surface on the final level if the top of the stone is uniform.

The widening work is steadily progressing eastwards towards Preston.


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2 Responses to “Road widening”

  1. Brian Says:

    Why has littlemoor road been changed so much?If i were a synical person i would think it’s to make overtaking more difficult.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Brian,

      The new Littlemoor Road is being built to allow for more traffic from the Preston direction onto the relief road, which will reduce the flows along The Esplanade and down King Street.

      The new alignment has also allowed a cycleway to be added to either side of the road, it has pushed the traffic away from properties and it is wide enough that dedicated right turn boxes have been added, which will help the flow of traffic in the area.

      Also, the alignment and visibility have been improved to meet current design standards.

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