Wet weather always makes work on a construction site far trickier, even simple operations like digging trenches for the electrical supply to the lighting columns become harder and take longer.

On the southern half of the scheme the ground is mostly clay – when it gets wet it tends to stick to the buckets of the excavators and if the excavated soil gets wet it doesn’t compact very well when it is placed back in the trench.

The rain since Christmas has made the clay in the verges very soft and sticky which then gets carried onto the road surface, and makes regular scrapping and cleaning of the surface necessary to minimise the build up of mud on the carriageway.

To minimise the risk of the finished surface being damaged, the final top layer of the road surfacing is left until as much of the work as possible is complete.

Before laying the top layer of surfacing, the road needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that it bonds well to the lower layers. 

Once a section of the project is prepared for surfacing it has to be closed to site traffic to ensure it remains clean, this creates logistical problems in moving plant and materials around site.


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4 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Peter Harris Says:

    But why is this holding up the re-opening of the footpath from Manor Roundabout down past Two Mile Woods? Surely if resources cannot be employed tarmacing the road they could at least be finising minor works like the footpaths?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Peter,

      While the Two Mile Coppice bridge under the road is complete, there is still a lot of work to be completed around the bridge.

      All the water from the southern end of the road is piped into a balancing pond just south of Two Mile Coppice, and work is still ongoing on the large number of services going under the bridge.

      Once all these are complete the new access into the woods and along the bridleway can be finished.

      This being a low area of the site is particularly affected by rainfall which makes the job particularly tricky at this time of the year.

  2. Richard Says:

    Rain in the Winter theres a surprise, just another excuse for another slippage of the opening dates.

    My Satnav shouts at me to use the new road everytime I go past morrisons. Little does she know its not open yet nor do the thousands that regulary use these devices who don’t have local knowledge. Funnily it updated just after HRH officially opened the road.

  3. Tom Lane Says:

    I have found the regular email postings very interesting and informative.
    After the worst wet and cold weather in my 13 years living in Dorchester I understand the problems you have had over the last couple of months.
    Looking forward to hearing when the Relief road will be open after all your hard work.

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