Works progress


Despite some heavy showers good progress has been made on site during the last couple of weeks. The lighting at the Jurassic Roundabout and Bincombe Bumps roundabout is nearing completion and is being tested. Also the top soiling of the areas around the roundabouts is well advanced.

Most of the signs around the roundabout have been erected including the direction signs with the publicly chosen roundabout names.

Rabbit fencing is being used in many areas to protect the plants. This avoids the need to protect each individual plant within a plastic tube. This is considered to be the best solution where there is reasonable density of plants.

Last week the side slopes of the Southdown Ridge were hydro-seeded as shown in the picture below. This was added to with hand sowing of a local mix of wild flowers seeds. The seed is mixed with a special coloured mulch which helps the operate to identify what areas have been sprayed and also helps with the germination.

Next week the road around the roundabouts will be cleaned up ready for final surfacing.


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7 Responses to “Works progress”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I would like to cycle from Broadwey to Dorchester on the new cycle path. However, I am a little confused as to what cyclists will do at the roundabout by the DTFC stadium. How will they cross the roundabout? Will they have to cross the road, join the roundabout and hope for the best? Once the roundabout has 3 lanes, it will be even harder to cross on a bike…

  2. Gareth Howell Says:

    Question please, is there going to be any form of lighting along the footpath from upwey station road and over the southdown ridge bridge and beond ?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Gareth,

      There are no plans to light the footpath/cycleway over Southdown Ridge bridge.

      Being located on the hill side, any lighting would be visually intrusive as the path passes relatively close to nearby houses.

      Lighting the route would also be both expensive to install and maintain.

  3. Luke Says:

    What with losing all the decorative roundabouts in the town to square patches of tarmac. I was wondering if anyone had giving any thought to what might be put on the Jurassic roundabout?
    As this will be the main route into weymouth with its world heritage status, surely something resembling the jurassic coast & its features would be a welcome site to visitors & locals. Mabye somthing fossil like?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Luke,

      All of the relief road roundabouts will be grass seeded and have a combination of scrub and trees planted on them.

      The project team is investigating what options there may be to have sculptures or something similar designed and installed on one or two of them, however, this would be expensive work and funding sources are being investigated.

      • Luke Says:

        I would use the money thats been earmarked for the Dorchester road enhancement. Surely making the main route into Weymouth look as inviting as possible to visitors & us locals, is more important than planting a row of trees up the middle of Dorchester road. a road that wont even be used by the majority of traffic… There might even be some change left over?

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