Bincombe junction


Bincombe junction (large version)Once the main carriageway of the relief road is open, work will start to complete the Bincombe junction.

This means that the northern section of Dorchester Road will be a dead end, with no through access onto the new road or up to Dorchester until later this year.

As this closure will affect the local bus services, a free shuttle service will be provided from Upwey to link up with the bus services from Littlemoor.

The details of this service are currently being finalised and more information will be released once it is confirmed how the service will run.


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9 Responses to “Bincombe junction”

  1. mrs delphie horley Says:

    I am rather confused !is trafficfrom Weymouth going to be allowed to exit onto the slip rd at bincombe and proceed to Upwey. This will be a very dangerous turn as the angle would be very acute and traffic would be moving quickly on the dual carriage prior to turning off..,you would also be going across the cycle path and meeting traffic trying to access the rd to dorch. The signs show a 30 mph limit facing the traffic coming onto the slip road off the relief rd .surely this cannot be allowed as a route off and on from the wey to dorch route would be an accident waiting to happen.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi mrs delphie horley

      Northbound vehicles from Weymouth cannot leave the relief road at this junction.

      The junction at Bincombe does not facilitate all movements:

      Northbound vehicles on Dorchester Road/Bincombe Lane can join the relief road at this junction and continue towards Dorchester, they cannot travel south to Littlemoor on the new road.

      Southbound vehicles on the relief road can leave the new road and join Dorchester Road/Bincombe Lane, northbound vehicles on the relief road cannot leave the new road at this junction.

  2. Geoff Says:

    Once the Bincombe junction is open, will the small length of road along Icen Lane be returned to one-way?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Geoff,

      There seems to be mixed views locally about whether to keep it two-way or revert back to it being one-way.

      We don’t believe that very much traffic will want to use the lane when the relief road is open, even if it is two-way.

      The suggestion at the moment is that initially the road is left as two-way so we can assess the traffic flows, and then a consultation exercise can be done with local residents to determine the long term status of the road.

  3. Emma Says:

    So, the people who live in Bincombe are not going to have ANY access to the new road at the West Farm end?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Emma,

      Unfortunately that’s correct.

      Because of the work that will be taking place to finish the Bincombe junction, Bincombe residents will only be able to access the relief road from the Icen Farm end to start off with.

      Obviously when the Bincombe junction is finished, Bincombe residents will finally have access again to Dorchester Road – and the relief road – at the West Farm end, but that won’t be for some months.

  4. Brian Says:

    How long will this work take as ‘later this year’ is a bit vague?

  5. Jonathan Pullen Says:

    I should jolly well hope it (the bus shuttle) should be free. I gather that one of the Space Shuttles is going to be decommissioned-perhaps, we could requisition it ? Skanska is doing a good job, so far as I can see, but the appalling gridlock in Weymouth with chronic inconvenience for motorists , pedestrians and cyclists is beyond the pale. Also, we need to encourage people to use public transport, cycle and walk more. And is the “green ” future for all, let alone those who cannot drive a vehicle for whatever reason, more the hue of falling autun leaves ?

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