Cycleway update


Cycleway opening (large version)

The cycleway from Manor Roundabout to the Bincombe junction will be open in mid to late March. The sections in this area that lead into the park and ride site will be open by the summer.

  • The cycleway through the Littlemoor gap is behind the noise barrier. The planting through this section is currently being completed and the mud will soon be cleaned off the path. As the path approaches the Littlemoor Road bridge, cyclists can either fork left and join the paths on the south side of Littlemoor Road or continue north under the new bridge.
  • The Monkton footway/cycleway is now progressing well with the sub-base stone layer being prepared for surfacing.

The northern section of cycleway between the Bincombe junction up to the Ridgeway bridge and down to the lone house, Swallows Rest, will be open by the summer.

The Littlemoor Road cycleways will be open by the summer.

Where possible the surfacing for the paths has been laid with a paving machine, which gives a smoother ride than a hand laid surface.

Typically the surfacing is 65mm thick and is laid in one layer, which should require less long term maintenance.

All the footway/cycleways have a shared surface so there are no white lines dividing the route.


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11 Responses to “Cycleway update”

  1. David Mead Says:

    Hi, Is it possible, as a walker, to cross the bridge at the old Broadmayne turning,
    If not where is the nearest footpath or bridleway crossing of the relief road.
    Dave Mead

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi David,

      The South West Coast Path (SWCP) has temporarily been diverted to the north. From the Broadmayne side the temporary route is northwards down the track which joins the road near the solitary house known as Swallows Rest. Crossing the A354 the route heads across the field and through a narrow gate in the hedge. The hedge is followed southwards to rejoin the Ridgeway SWCP.

      The Road can also be crossed at Chapel Lane where a new farm bridge has been provided and the old path slightly realigned and upgraded to Bridleway.

      We hope to have the Ridgeway bridge open at the beginning of June.

  2. David Says:

    The cycleway along the WRR is very good as far as it goes but I would like to ask why the link from the cycleway to the Dorchester rd remains shut although it is clearly usable. As it stands at present the cycleway leads cyclists directly onto the relief rd at the roundabout and that is not a nice place to be on a bike. An accident waiting to happen. Also will there be a link from the WRR to Radipole Park Drive cycleway – I imagine not but it would make life so much easier to get into town as the road between Manor roundabout and Spa Road is not a very cycle friendly section, especially for young cyclists.
    Many thanks,

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi David,

      The fencing on the approaches to Manor Subway is being removed although there is still some finishing work to complete in the area.

      From the new Manor Subway it is possible to cross Dorchester Road via the new pedestrian refuge island. There is then a route that cuts across the small cul-de-sac and goes along between the houses and Weymouth Way.

      This comes out on Mount Pleasant Avenue South where residential roads can be followed to Icen Lane and Spa Road.

      There are plans for making future additions to Weymouth’s cycle network and one such route is to link the relief road cycleway at Manor Roundabout with Radipole Park Drive.

      However, with the current financial constraints it’s very difficult to be able to say when this will happen.

  3. David Says:

    Can you say yet what will happen when cyclists reach the Bincombe junction heading North? Will there be a route to continue on to Dorchester?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi David,

      Unfortunately there is no way to temporarily link the end of the cycleway in Bincombe with the completed section over the Ridgeway.

      Cyclists wanting to get to Dorchester will be forced to join the main relief road until the missing cycleway link in finished.

  4. Terry Says:

    Yes this is definately good news. I am really looking forward to using the new cycle tracks, especially trying to get to Dorchester, but I have to agree to try and separate cyclists from pedestrians.

    Is there an actual date yet for the opening of the main carriage way?

  5. David Says:

    Hi, This is the most excellent news yet. The surfaces look very good and although there are some gradients it will be a much nicer ride than the existing routes along the main road.
    I am concerned by the lack of dividing lines along the shared paths. Cyclists and pedestrians do not typically mix well in this country. It is very important that all users are aware of other users and so are able to make due allowance. Signage is essential to avoid misunderstanding, so I hope the signage will be adequately considered, as this is not always the case on other cycle routes in the borough.
    Many thanks.

  6. Steve Says:

    Great – can’t wait to use it!

  7. Dave Says:

    “All the footway/cycleways have a shared surface so there are no white lines dividing the route.”

    I always think this is a mistake. The existing shared paths are always blocked by pedestrians oblivious to the fact that it is also a cyclepath.
    They think it’s a pavement and get quite irate with cyclists. A bit of paint goes a long way to solve this.

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