Littlemoor Road connection


Littlemoor Road connection (large version)

Work has started this week on linking the new Bincombe Bumps Roundabout into Littlemoor Road. 

This section of the road will have a 40mph speed limit, and it is important that the visibility on the new link and for traffic turning out of Turnstone Close is good.

The entrance to Turnstone Close is currently in a small dip, so work is now starting to raise the level of Littlemoor Road in this area.

The work is being carried out in three stages:

Stage one

  • Raise the levels on the north side of Littlemoor Road while traffic uses the southern half of the existing road
  • Three-way temporary signals in use due to the Turnstone Close junction being in the middle of the works section

Stage two

  • Icen Lane will be closed at its current access, where it crosses the relief road, and connected into Bincombe Bumps Roundabout. This will happen before the opening of the main carriageway
  • Littlemoor Road traffic will be routed around Bincombe Bumps Roundabout, however, signals will still be needed on Littlemoor Road while it is built up in the Turnstone Close entrance
  • Pedestrians will need to use the footpaths on the southern side of the road

Stage three

  • Work will switch sides of the road to now build up the southern half of the road while traffic uses the new northern half. Signals will still be required
  • The footpaths on the south side of Littlemoor Road will be closed and pedestrians will have to use the paths on the north side of Littlemoor Road or use Turnstone Close and the new steps up onto Littlemoor Road Bridge

Unfortunately the bus stop near Turnstone Close will be removed for the duration of the works.

Passengers will have to use the bus stop outside of the Co-op or the one to the west of the bridge.

New bus stops will be created once the works are completed; the stop for Weymouth will be to the west of Turnstone Close and the return stop from Weymouth will be to the east of the junction. A central refuge will assist crossing the road near Turnstone Close.

The new southern footpaths and the bus stops will be opened once the work is finished, towards the end of March.


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18 Responses to “Littlemoor Road connection”

  1. Chris Says:

    You haven’t mentioned anything here about the improvements to Littlemoor Road further east, i.e. towards Goulds Garden Centre and beyond. Is there a timescale published for this work yet and what disruptions are envisaged? Thanks.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Chris,

      The new Littlemoor Road should be finished at the end of April.

      To complete the section that crosses over the current road it will be necessary for extensive traffic management. We will update the blog as soon as it is confirmed what these measures will be, and when.

  2. Richard Says:

    not really stating the obvious but 6 weeks to do the work does mean it will not be done for the 2nd grand opening on the 17th March.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Richard,

      That’s correct.

      The new Littlemoor Road has always been programmed to open after the main carriageway.

      Once the main road is open work will also continue to finish the park and ride and to complete the Bincombe junction.

      • Richard Says:

        Whilst it is quite quick to get through the lights it may cause problems when the main road opens as people are queued around the roundabout. Today one of the dumper trucks could get through until the lights changed.
        Yet it is nice to see more of it done.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Hi, I see that the littlemoor road bit by turnstone close is done in 3 stages and that turnstone close is in a dip, now from what I see you are going to divert the traffic onto the new bit of the road while you do the other side, but what you have not (or failed) mentioned is what is going to happen for access to turnstone close entrance when you raise the road into turnstone close, I live off the turnstone close are we going to have a ramp into it while you do one side then the other or are you going to block the road, a car lift over the raised bit ( a jokey bit), or what have you planned for access

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Jamie,

      We will be keeping access to Turnstone Close open – controlled by three-way lights – for the majority of the works.

      There will be temporary ‘tarmac’ ramps down to Turnstone Close as the junction works are undertaken.

      When the final surfacing of the entrance to Turnstone Close is carried out we may have to close access to the road for a short period of time while the surfacing is laid and cools.

      We will notify residents with a letter drop of any closures necessary.

  4. Peter Hales Says:

    How about making a special effort to open the road in 8 days time? i.e. To mark 500 days to the start of the Olympics! Good pubicity!

  5. Stephen Says:

    Can you advise – What date is main carriageway opening ?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Stephen,

      The earliest date that the main carriageway will open is Thursday 17 March.

      This is the date we are currently on programme to hit. However, the remaining work, such as surfacing and white lining, is weather dependent.

  6. C Says:

    1) The removed bus stop right near Turnstone Close. Will that be replaced permanantly once the works have been completed.
    2) Bus Drivers are confused and are confusing me. I usually get the bus at Turnstone Close to work, as it is no longer there I went to the bus stop after the new one that will be built on the Littlemoor Bridge. I was then told by the bus driver that this is not in use and to use the one on the Bridge or the one opposite the New Inn Pub. I was then told by another bus driver that the ones on the bridge are not in use yet as there are no signs so they cannot stop there. I am really really confused and so are the bus drivers – noone knows what they are doing – help need confirmation. I am having to do a very long to the bus stop near the Co-Op.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi C,

      The bus stops marked as ‘closed during works’ on the image will reopen after the work and they are the permanent stops.

      Sorry to hear about your recent experience with the bridge bus stops. One of the project team is ensuring that there is a sign at the stop, and we have contacted the bus company to ask that the stops near the bridge should be used from now on.

  7. Luke Says:

    While looking at the plan, i noticed there are three lanes on the approach to Jurassic roundabout from Dorchester. The left lane is for Bincombe Bumps roundabout, while the middle & right lanes are for the 2nd exit to Weymouth. What with the slip lane from Bincombe Bumps rounabout heading toward town, will there be enough room for three lanes of traffic to merge together within the short stretch of road, & was it really nessesary to have the two lane approach to Jurassic roundabout from Dorchester?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Luke,

      The roundabout has been designed with three lane approaches to give flexibility as traffic levels increase in the future.

      However, when the road opens it will be marked with just two lanes and a hatched out area.

  8. Richard Says:

    Nearly finished!

    How long is each stage due to take?

    What’s the latest on the opening date for the main carriageway? The latest information you have given was mid March and a previous post said “We hope to be able to give a few weeks notice.” So, can you give us a date now?


    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Richard,

      The duration of each phase is not rigidly fixed as there are some items of work that could be done in different phases depending on resources and weather.

      The earliest date that the main carriageway will open is Thursday 17 March.

      This is the date we are currently on programme to hit. However, as you will appreciate the remaining work, such as surfacing and white lining, is weather dependent.

  9. Mark Says:

    How long do you anticipate traffic lights on Littlemoor road during these 3 stages of work to hook up the roundabout? Days? Weeks?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Mark,

      It is likely that the temporary lights will be in use for around six weeks in total as there is a fair bit of work to do.

      Hopefully it will be possible to change them to two-way lights towards the end of the work.

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