First roundabout opens


 New access to Bincombe (large version)

On Thursday 10 March traffic using Littlemoor Road will start to use the Bincombe Bumps Roundabout.

Drivers coming from Dorchester Road will pass over Littlemoor bridge and then go straight onto the new roundabout and take the third exit (right) back onto Littlemoor Road.Ican Lane access drawing (large version)

Also, from 12.30pm on Thursday, Icen Lane will be closed at the point where the relief road crosses it.

Vehicles and pedestrians coming from Bincombe or wanting to access Icen Farm from Dorchester Road will be directed to use Bincombe Bumps Roundabout and the new Icen Lane link road.

Temporary three-way traffic signals will still be in use at the east exit from the roundabout until the road tie-in work is complete.

Although the aerial image above is from January this year, it should give a good idea of how the road layout will change on Thursday.


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17 Responses to “First roundabout opens”

  1. kevin.residence Says:

    well done for the relief rd,ive lived on littlemoor all my life and we needed it its great now and smooth running apart from the lights at the co-op supermarket on the est wiv traffic gams,when,s that bit being finnished please.

  2. Nicholas Wilkin Says:

    Thank you for yr reply regardin Littlemoor road. I find it a shame that nothing will be done to the rest of littlemoor road which has seen more works these last 2 years than anywhere else in Weymouth and is now, considering the amount of traffic it sees, by far the worst road in the town. The trench reinstatement at Chalbury end of littlemoor road was never done to a satisfactory standard, and when eventually completed was dug up again within 24 hors and has at best only seen temporary repairs. The location of the trench requires you to either straddle it and be on the white centre line or to the left of it and risk scraping expensive wheels on the kerb.

  3. Nicholas Wilkin Says:

    I am baffled as to the actual finished product of the existing littlemoor road from the new round about complex to Preston road. Th enew route crosses over and back again. Could somnmeone please tell me what is happening to that stretch of Littlemoor road which is by now the worst stretch of road for miles, you cant travel 50′ without hitting a pothole, drain, temporary repair or other indentation, no wonder my car cracked a spring recently. Once the new stretch of littlemoor road is open, what is happening to the existing stretch theat feeds the garden centre and school??? Replies welcome.
    Yours Sincereley
    Nick L Wilkiin

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Nicholas,

      The patching in this area is primarily the trench reinstatement of Wessex Water.

      There are currently no plans to do any works to the section of road between Chalbury Roundabout and the last house on the south side before the new road starts.

      However, there will be new links directly off the new road to the school and the garden centre.

      On the length of road that is bypassed to the east of Gould’s Garden Centre there will be some works to the footpath but no significant works to the road itself.

  4. Angela Mitchell Says:

    Living almost opposite Littlemoor bridge, I am quite concerned that a ‘phone mast has been put up without anyone contacting the surrounding neighbour hood, I am sure it has been put there without a thought about anyone else and the feeling around here is that we have a mess here already and is anyone going to notice if we put up a mast, an answer would be appreciated please. Also can anyone explain why the bus stops have been moved onto the bridge, leaving for work in the morning leaving the Finches has become quite dangerous with cars overtaking the stopped buses and not realising that cars are turning out onto the road. Many thanks

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Angela,

      The phone mast is not anything to do with this project. We understand a planning application was made by the mobile phone company to the borough council.

      The location of bus stops is never easy. For convenience of passengers the bus stops need to be fairly close to the entrances to the estates.

      The new stops are considered to be in the best locations in the vicinity of The Finches and Nightingale Drive.

      Once the relief road is open there should be less traffic on this stretch of Littlemoor Road.

  5. Ivano Rocca Says:

    What time will the relief road open on Thursday

  6. Pete Says:

    Will the temporary Double Yellow lines in Old Station Road now be removed between Dorchester Road and Junction fo Victoria Avenue. I’m sure they were only agreed for the duration of the project. That aside I’m really pleased that the racing farm machinery from Bincombe and the farms down Icen Lane will no longer be using Old Station Road for Access.

  7. Keith E Forster Says:

    Cant find anywhere else more appropriate to put this quick point. At Manor Roundabout, if you approach the roundabout from Weymouth Way, there is a huge sign for directions, known now by locals as the great sign of Weymouth. However, half the sign is obscured behind trees. Is this something that will be addressed?

  8. Keith E Forster Says:

    Can’t believe theres just a week to go till it opens. Good luck finishing the North section over the Icen lane section. Cant wait to use it

  9. Jim Says:

    Does this mean the main carriage way will be open

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Jim,

      No, the main carriageway is still on programme to open next week.

      However, the opening of this roundabout and the Icen Lane link road can be seen as the first phases towards getting the main road open.

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