Thursday 17 March


Ridgeway during earthworks and at opening (large version)

During the afternoon of Thursday 17 March the main carriageway of the Weymouth Relief Road will open to traffic.

There will be a brief delay on the A354 on the Ridgeway and at Manor Roundabout while the barriers are removed and traffic officers from Dorset Police lead drivers onto the new road.

Motorists are being urged to drive with extra care and attention while they get used to the new road layout.

Read the press release.



22 Responses to “Thursday 17 March”

  1. calvin Says:

    Going to Weymouth tomorrow in my truck but the trailer won’t go under railway bridge,can anyone tell me if i can bypass it on new link road,18,09,2011

  2. Tim Bentley Says:

    Road engineers stopped using yards and miles over 40 years ago. When I started at Nottingham City Engineers Department in 1970 they told me to forget about feet and inches,yards and miles as I would never use them again at work. They were right!
    Great news about Weymouth Relief Road opening.

  3. Roger Says:

    I would like to remind those at Weymouth Relief Road that we measure road distances in Miles and not kilometers.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Hi there.
    Has anyone thought whether or not the milage if any has changed with the new relief road is it still 7 or as some say 8 miles between Dorchester and Weymouth? Personally I believe it was 7 miles

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Jamie,

      We’ve calculated that on the relief road it is 5.15km between Manor Roundabout and Swallows Rest.

      On the Dorchester Road route it is around 100m more.

      So there really isn’t much difference in the distance travelled.

  5. Astral Couriers Says:

    Excellent news and well done to all. We’re really looking forward to speedier and stress-free journeys into and out of Weymouth….. I’m sure a report will follow from our drivers!

  6. Johanna Says:

    Does anyone know how the buses are going to be running to Dorchester and where are the bus stops going to be on Littlemoor Road for the No.10 & No.31. I have recently been getting off the No.31 on the new Littlemoor bridge but when the relief road is open will I need to get off the bus near Goulds?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Johanna,

      Sorry for the delay in replying.

      At the moment, service 31 goes from Dorchester to Littlemoor on the new road, turning towards Preston at the Littlemoor roundabouts.

      The first available stop while they are completing the Littlemoor Road work is at the cinder path, just past the shopping centre.

      All other services turn right at the Bincombe Bumps Roundabout, heading over the bridge and towards Dorchester Road and then into Weymouth.

      There is a new stop on the bridge (in both directions) and the next stop after that is the New Inn.

      Weymouth/Dorchester services are the reverse.

      The only exceptions to the above are the early morning and evening journeys and all Sunday journeys on service 31 – they do not serve Preston so they follow the daytime service 10 route over Littlemoor bridge and down Dorchester Road.

  7. farmer dave Says:

    Is there any way that the general public can say a heart felt thanks to Skanska, personally….its taken so long to get through from planning to completion……many many thanks Skanska…….

    now the roads finished, I would like to see Skanska STAY in the bay….not just pack up all tools and hit the dust….Weymouth and Portland needs a company like yours in the bay.

  8. County driver Training Says:

    Excellent news!

  9. David Says:

    Looking forward to an easier journey in to and out of Weymouth from Thursday. It’s been a long wait. I was the first user of the original part of the Weymouth Relief Road when it opened back in July 1987, as the local dignitaries asked me to cycle on to the new carriageway, in front of the cameras. Cycle routes in this country were relatively rare then. It’s been so long, the pictures have even featured in ‘Bygone Days’ in the Dorset Echo!

  10. Jamie Says:

    wooohoooo, no more bumper to bumper on ridgeway in the summer, 2 hours to get to littlemoor lights from Dorchester, no more queing at littlemoor lights to get to weymouth or Dorchester.
    I just hope that it works and make life easier to the locals, And a HUGE thanks to Skanska for a Job well done and with minimal disruption and ‘mess’ to the best of their ability.
    oh and what time do you anticipate it opening as some would like to be one of the first to drive over it…. me me me me me me!!!!! lol

  11. Gards Says:

    It has been a long time coming but over the next day or so I will say my farewells to those car, van bus and lorry drivers who speed bumper to bumper up and down the Dorchester Road without any regard for the poor sods waiting patiently at junctions along it trying to get out. What a treat it is going to be come Thursday when they have all gone onto the new road where they can continue to drive bumper to bumper and yes they might reflect on what a fantastic road it is too.

  12. Steve Says:

    Great news. Is the exact time known yet, for those who may want to record the moment on film?

  13. Bullseye Says:

    Fantastic. Well done to all involved on a splendid job! Really look forward to using it.

  14. bullseye Says:

    Fantastic news. Well done all involved on a splendid job! Bravo.

  15. Andrew Knowles Says:

    I’ve just decided that I need to drive out of Weymouth on Thursday afternoon. And then come back in again.

  16. Mark Says:

    Congratulations on a job well done. Any construction of this size will involve mess and inconvenience, but it does seem to have been done with a minimum of disruption.

    Looking forward to the new Littlemoor road section opening. Will be be more details of what will be happening here over the next few weeks.

    Also will the cycle routes along the main carriageway be opening the same time as the main road?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Mark,

      We will keep updating the blog with progress of Littlemoor Road, the park and ride, Bincombe Junction and the last sections of cycleway.

      A large portion of the cycleway will be opened on Thursday but there are small sections that will be completed over the next few months.

      The section at Monkton should be finished in early April, the section on the old A354 from the hairpin bend to the Ridgeway bridge is aimed for completion during July and the cycleways around the park and ride will be open during May.

      The Littlemoor Road cycleway will be opened as the adjacent road works are complete.

  17. Clerking Says:

    The day we’ve all been waiting for! Many congrats to those at Dorset County Council, Skanska and the other contractors who made this happen.

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