The main carriageway of the relief road opened today at 2.44pm.

Road opening first cars southbound (large version)

Road opening first cars southbound (large version)

Road opening first cars northbound (large version)

Traffic flowing on the new road, taken from Lorton Lane (large version)



26 Responses to “Open”

  1. Dave Says:

    Last evening two cyclists holding up the traffic going south before the new relief road.
    Can they be made to use the cycle path

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      At the moment the old section of road between the hairpin bend and the Ridgeway is being transformed into a footpath/cycleway and bridleway.

      Things may improve once this final section of the cycleway, between Bincombe and the Ridgeway, has been completed and allowed the Ridgeway bridge to be opened.

      Although a cycleway has been provided, there is no obligation on cyclists to use it.

  2. Dave Says:

    New road is fantastic should have been done years ago.
    Will Jestys Avenue now be reopened as the reasons for closing it no longer exist?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      When the whole scheme has been completed (including the Bincombe junction), and has settled down, we will be able to review the current traffic orders along Dorchester Road and its side roads.

  3. Geoff Says:

    I see the pineapples have been moved and are now set up at the entrance to the park and ride. Is this permenant and if so why the change from the top of Ridgeway?

    • Stuart Morris Says:

      The pineapples were designed and made by sculptor John Selman. Is he happy with the new siting?

      I hope there will be a big, bold, artistically designed
      “Welcome to Weymouth and Portland” sign on the borough boundary.

  4. Holly Barnett Says:

    Very nice road- but need to paint arrows in the lanes approaching the morrisons roundabout, people keep approaching from the relief road in the left lane and cutting me up going straight on towards weymouth way when I am in the correct middle lane. I have also had family and friends say exactly the same thing, there will be an accident before long unless there are arrows or markings put on the road before the roundabout.

    Good Job though, the road is lovely to drive on.

  5. Ellie Says:

    Let me first say how Great the road is and congratulate the staff at Skanska.
    But having to cross the roundabout today from the Upwey end of Dorchester Road to go to Morrison I was faced with abuse from a male driver of a white car because he had to SLOW DOWN at the roundabout and could not proceed along Wemouth way at the high speed he had used along the Relief Road. Having chatted to other people this appears to be happen quite alot. Any one got any idea’s or will Mr Impatient always win.

  6. Dave Says:

    Fantastic. Well done to all concerned.

  7. Kevin Warren Says:

    The relief road is definitely a success and I can’t even express how glad I am that it is finally a reality but I wonder if I might raise one slight issue.

    Coming off of the new road at Manor Roundabout and heading towards Weymouth Way, I have been cut-up by vehicles using the wrong lane on three occasions. As I see it, coming onto Manor Roundabout from the relief road, the left hand lane is for traffic to head south on Dorchester Rd towards Morrisons, the middle lane is to proceed straightahead onto Weymouth Way and finally the right hand lane is to head north on Dorchester R towards Broadwey. The problem I’ve found coming off of the relief road and also coming out of Weymouth Way is that people are using the left hand lane to proceed straight across the roundabout and are then cutting up the drivers who were in the correct lane.

    I hope that this is just a short-term problem until people get used to the new road but I do wonder if it might be helpful just to have some white arrows painted onto the road to give drivers some clear clarification as to which lane they should be using when approaching Manor Roundabout. The same thing has been employed coming out of Poundbury onto the Monkeys Jump Roundabout and it does seem to help.

  8. Gards Says:

    Agree with all that has been said, great work guys. My only concern now living so close to Wey Valley School is the lack of traffic congestion on Dorchester Road appears to have given rise to an increase in speed above 30 MPH through Broadwey. I estimate that some drivers are near 40 plus MPH and unless it is brought under control and/or the limit is dropped to 20 MPH I fear there is a disaster in the waiting like a child will be seriously injured or worse! I hope this is being monitored by DCC.

    • Geoff Says:

      I would also like to add my comments in agreement with Gard.

      I live on the upper section of the old Dorchester Road near the vets and while I am really pleased with the reduction in traffic, the speed of what remains has increased considerably!
      The road is now straight and clear which seems to give the drivers a license to speed well in excess of the 30 limit.

      During the consultation of what was to be done with the road after the Relief Road was open, it was muted to ‘wait and see’.. I just hope that something can be done, even on a temporary basis, to reduce vehicle speed soon before there is a nasty ‘accident’.

      I have also witnessed some drivers speeding towards the ‘road closed’ signs at the bottom of the Ridgeway obviously not having read any of the signs to say the road is closed!

      I know it is early days, but please don’t forget the residents and the promise to ‘downgrade’ the old road.

      Great work on the new road by the way!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Gards,

      Thanks for your comment.

      As part of the relief road scheme designs have been looked at to improve the Dorchester Road not only for residents but with a view to keeping traffic to 30mph.

      It was always the case that, once the relief road opened, traffic on Dorchester Road may increase in speed due to the width of the road and uncongested nature and this is something Dorset Highways wants to address for obvious safety reasons.

      Last October we held a public exhibition showing plans of landscaping along part of the road and some parking along other sections.

      This received roughly a 50/50 split in residents’ opinion, because of this we are looking at scaling back the plans, and these should be on display later this year.

      • Ellie Says:

        I hope that the other people that were against the landscaping works for Dorchester Road will think again now the relief road is open as the need for the proposed works is becoming obvious. The silly comments that I heard at the exhibition by people who didn’t even live on the road about the problems of leaves etc. should not detract from what would become a lovely calm residental street with the plans. Perhaps next time the plans are on display you should have to give you address with your comments as all my neighbours supported the ideas and it seems to be non residents that are against ” their council tax ” being spent on it, that are against. I have been told that the funds have been set aside as part of the relief road budget. Is that true ?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Ellie,

      Roughly £1m was included in the relief road scheme for improvements to Dorchester Road.

      A large proportion of the comments we had at the public exhibition were from Dorchester Road residents, as well as from other local residents.

      We have to take these all into consideration and the lack of support of the scheme – particularly surrounding the landscaping – means a scaled down design is currently being produced.

      Our main concern is to address the issue of potential speeding motorists.

  9. Anon Says:

    Haven’t used the road yet but I can certainly hear it! And thats with my windows fully closed! Think my summer in the garden will be oh so relaxing now the peace and gentle twitter of birds is replaced by a constant stream of traffic noise!

    • Keith E Forster Says:

      Dont use the road then if its upsetting you to have a little bit of noise. How do you think those residents of Dorchester Road have felt all this time? Some people are just not happy. That road is the best thing to happen traffic wise in a long time in the area, and with all the roadworks around Dorchester and Weymouth at present, its a welcome relief to frustrated drivers.

  10. Stuart Morris Says:


    Click on “The Ridgeway – 1962” link at top to see a couple of memento videos of the old A354 Dorchester Road as it was.

    How will the Teddy Bear Woods protesters get to and from Weymouth now?

  11. Paul Says:

    Fantastic – my journey was much quicker. My only feedback may be that you could do with painting arrows on the road between Veasta and Manor Roadabout (when heading towards Weymouth). There are two lanes. It appears the left lane is only for people turning left, and the right lane is for people going straight on or right. You don’t see this though until you arrive at the roudabout so maybe some arrows in the lanes would be good. Anyway only a minor point, the rest of it is fantastic.

  12. Steve Says:

    The road will be of 100% benefit to the residents of Broadwey but, about 50% to users. It started to snarl up within 20mins of opening. Northbound, where the 2 lanes become 1, at the top of the hill. Southbound, at the rbts, which will be a regular cause of congestion. The first morning rush hour on the new road, is about to commence. We shall see how it copes.
    The n/bnd side is designed for mostly freeflow, with dedicated left turn lanes at both rbts. S/bnd has to go through them and, that will be the bottleneck. Still good though, at quieter times of the day, it will be much better than the old road.

  13. Geoff Says:

    I watched the opening from the Littlemoor bridge and it was quite a sight to see the traffic start to flow.

    Not wishing to detract from what was a great moment in Weymouth’s history, I was sorry to see that after only a few minutes the traffic was backing up towards Chapel lane due to the temporary lights at Littlemoor. I can only wonder at what the people in the cars were thinking!

    These lights so close to the new roundabouts are causing problems and are an embarrassment to the whole project.

    I hope they are cleared as soon as possible.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Due to the considerable difference in level between the existing and new sections of Littlemoor Road at this point, taking the traffic down to a single lane is the only safe way to construct this section.

      We have changed the phasing of the temporary lights to try and reduce delays on the relief road as a result of the temporary lights.

      We hope to have this work completed as soon as possible.

  14. Keith E Forster Says:

    Congratulations and a big thank you to all that are involved with it. Its a lovely road, and what a pleasure it is and is going to be to drive without being bumper to bumper with the cars in front like along Dorchester Road. You’ve had a lot of people not being happy about it and protesting over it, would be interesting to see if they use the road now its open or not. Your attitude and interests to the locals has been spot on, and the proffessionalism shown is world class. So I really just wanted to say a huge big thank you, and I’m sure I wont be the only one to say that!

  15. Madeleine Says:

    Fabulous drive home tonight. I couldn’t believe how much quicker it was and great views too.

    Big congrats to all at DCC & Skanska!

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