Pineapples location (large version)

The welcome to Weymouth ‘pineapples’ have been relocated as a gateway to the park and ride site.

Due to the sensitive nature of the northern part of the scheme, where the road design has had to be carefully managed, it has been deemed that it is no longer appropriate for the pineapples to be sited in that area.

There were also issues with sight lines, and the need for crash barriers, if placed near the main carriageway.

The relief road is also largely in West Dorset, so suitable sites on the section of road in the borough were scarce.



12 Responses to “Pineapples”

  1. Rich Says:

    I don’t have a problem with the pineapples being at the park and ride personally. I think the best thing that could greet anyone coming down to Weymouth is the superb view that you get from the Ridgeway. Any visitor or holidaymaker would appreciate that more than two sculptured pineapples!
    Just as long as the council do not over charge people and the bus service is reliable in the park and ride, then the many visitors that use it can then appreciate the pineapples.

    • Stuart Morris Says:

      Superb as the road is (and it is), there is less of a panoramic view than from the old road. You emerge in the cutting at a lower elevation, and cannot see as much of the sea, Portland, or distant countryside around.

      A small price to pay though.

  2. Weymouth Relief Road Says:

    Thank you for your comments.

    Placing the pineapples along the stretch of road in the borough, between the Littlemoor bridge and Veasta Roundabout, would cause issues with sight lines and crash barriers would need to be erected around them.

    It was felt that crash barriers would detract from the sculptures.

    The pineapples are surprisingly large and, in addition to the safety issues, it was felt that visually they would look better in the more open landscape on the approach to the park and ride.

  3. Tony Says:

    Welcome to Weymouth, one great big car park.

  4. Stuart Morris Says:

    Let’s hope lots of motorists use the Park & Ride. If not, the cost of the local taxpayers’ subsidies will not bear thinking about.

  5. Roger Says:

    As its April Fools Day I presume this is a joke. No one would put the pineapples at the entrance to a car park, would they?

  6. Keith Forster Says:

    I’m sorry, but having them over there is a good idea! Who wants to be seeing some stupid “Pineapple” statues everytime they come over the ridge into the darkside anyway

  7. Kris Says:

    I love this! It’s about time something like this happened after W&PBC did all they could to prevent the Jubilee Gateway Pillars on Portland being sited in their correct location on the beach road. Justice prevails in the end. Welcome to Weymouth & Portland Car Park!!

  8. Clerking Says:

    That’s a shame. Was there really nowhere near Jurassic or Veasta r/abouts that they could have been located?

  9. Gary Says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the above comments. They should be for everyone to see as they come across the Ridgeway, not just for those who will use the Park & Ride.

  10. Luke Says:

    They have been placed on a dead end section of road, they should be futher back up the carrigeway for everyone to see, not just people using the park & ride.

  11. Luke Says:

    Im sorry, but what will people be greeted with as they enter weymouth. Pineapples at the park & ride is completely ridiculous!

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