Road markings


New road markings at southern roundabouts (large version)

This morning, cones were in place at Veasta Roundabout and on the approach to Manor Roundabout so that additional road markings could be laid.

Some lane markings were always intended but it was felt best to monitor the situation first to ensure they met the requirements of drivers.

Thanks to all those who got in touch about their experiences at these roundabouts.

Dorset Highways is continuing to monitor the new road and will judge whether any additional measures are needed, including reviewing other road markings throughout the scheme.


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13 Responses to “Road markings”

  1. Martin Hill Says:

    Why is Portland traffic directed along the congested harbour area and Boot Hill when it could be directed via Radipole Lane or Granby and Lanehouse Rocks?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Martin,

      Weymouth Way, Westwey Road, Rodwell Road and Buxton Road are all a continuation of the strategic route; A354.

      The junction improvement work currently underway will resolve the issue of congestion in these areas, and the works on Lanehouse Rocks Road have ensured that the Lanehouse corridor is a viable alternative route.

  2. Dave Says:

    Following on from John New’s comments, the words “Local”, “Weymouth/Portland” & “Upwey” could be used at the Manor Roundabout travelling west from the intended Park & Ride roundabout. The straight ahead marking on the road sign indicates “Town Centre”. There is also a yellow diversion sign with “Town Centre” pointing down Dorchester Road [This sign has been erected because of the King Street one way system]

  3. John New Says:

    When approaching the Littlemoor roundabout when heading south I have notices several times vehicles ahead of me going very slowly despite a lack of traffic and only signalling right very late on. I think it is confusion from the lack of the word Weymouth on the signage, as at that stage Town Centre means nothing to them as they don’t realise they have got that close in.

    Could that sign have Town Centre replaced by, or supplemented with, the word Weymouth please?

    At some point there will be a rear end shunt and delays there due to a driver slowing up unexpectedly to read the signs getting hit by someone behind seeing a clear road through the junction and not expecting the unnecessary slow or stop ahead of them.

  4. Dave Says:

    As you approach the Manor roundabout along the Weymouth Way (from Chafeys Roundabout) the green sign for Dorchester is obscured by overgrown trees. Can these be cut back to give motorists better advance warning of the changed road system?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment.

      These trees were cut back when the sign was first erected but may have become covered as the trees go through a growth spurt.

      We’ll pass your comment on to our maintenance team and ask them to ensure that the sign has the correct visibility.

  5. Anit Says:

    I feel it would help a great deal to avoid confusion at the roundabouts if destinations could be painted on road surface, ie. DORCH , WEY and LOCAL.

    • Keith E Forster Says:

      Couldnt agree more, maybe that will stop people ingnoring the painted arrows, its worked on the new roundabouts in Dorchester

  6. Jim Says:

    Any idea when the foot path next to Morrison’s will be opened, or at least the section leading up to the new underpass.
    The road is great and has made my trip to work a lot more consistent, no more queuing up the Ridgeway, apart from when people are rubber necking at the diggers.

  7. Terry Says:

    The turn coming from Manor roundabout onto the A354 at Vesta roundabout going North is very sharp, almost a right-angle, any reason for this?

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