Road reclassification


 Traffic on the road at Ridgeway (large version)

With the relief road open, some roads in Weymouth have been reclassified.

Preston Road, Preston Beach Road and King Street are being reclassified as a B road. Strategic traffic from the east will be routed along the Littlemoor Road improvements – which will be classified as a continuation of the A353.

Dorchester Road will be unclassified between Stottingway Street and the Bincombe junction.

South of Stottingway Street– down to Westerhall –Dorchester Road will be a continuation of the B3159.

The new road numbering reflects the changes in how the main traffic will be directed into and through the town.



10 Responses to “Road reclassification”

  1. Weymouth Relief Road Says:

    Thank you to everyone who has commented on this post about Dorchester Road.

    The revised plans for Dorchester Road are being worked on by our engineers and will be available later this year.

    Onstreet parking, pedestrian facilities, a cycleway and a review of current road markings are being looked at as part of the scheme.

    Plans still include removing the Littlemoor Road traffic signals and creating a T-junction.

    Most of these changes will be made south of Littlemoor Road as the traffic flow for the northern part of Dorchester Road is only estimated to be around 3,000 vehicles a day and consist of local traffic and public transport.

    It is not envisioned that there will be a reduction in speed limit but all elements of the revised scheme aim to help enforce the 30mph current limit, which will also help discourage private goods vehicles using the B3159.

    There are currently no plans to put a weight restriction on this road. It is extremely unlikely that heavy goods vehicles will use Dorchester Road instead of the A354, unless making deliveries to properties/businesses along the road.

    As with all road schemes, once the new measures are in place they will be monitored to see if anything further is required.

  2. Terry W Says:

    It is good the downgrading of Dorchester Road to a B road. When will the new plans be available for the solutions to slowing the traffic to the speed limit, especially between Manor Roundabout and Littlemoor turnoff? As a cost saving measure, can the traffic lights now be turned off at the Littlemoor junction and it be re-instated as a right or left turn?

  3. Peter Harris Says:

    I trust this will not happen until the new Littlemoor Road is completed. At the moment it is barely fit for carts with even the existing east section that will remain a part of the new road in very poor shape since it was attacked by the water company.
    Need to be careful with the signage as clearly traffic going to Lodmoor and the sea front would still be best taking the beach road route.

  4. Geoff Says:

    The upper end of Dorchester road certainly has seen a great improvement with the reduction of traffic for most of the time, but I agree with Nigel that a weight restriction should be introduced. Also there should be some form of compulsory speed calming measure through Upwey and Broadwey. I hope that at least SOME of the measures that were discussed with the downgrading of the road will be implemented.

    There are times during the ‘rush hours’ that the road is almost as busy as pre by-pass days and now many of the vehicles travel well in excess of the 30 limit!
    I would like the limit to be reduced to 20mph, but somehow I cant see that happening.
    A traffic deterrent is required otherwise the ” return to a village feel” will never become a reality.

    • Paul R Says:

      If people are speeding beyond the 30mph speed limit, what makes you think they will obey a 20mph limit?! Reducing speed limits does not work, just makes drivers more frustrated. The only thing that will slow people down is to change driver attitudes – we need more traffic police on the road!

  5. Terry Says:

    What ‘proposed environmental improvements’? There are already a large number of trees around Dorchester Road, what other ‘improvements’ are needed? Firstly these cost money provided by the taxpayer at a time when Council budgets are being cut back, secondly there is the old saying ‘If’n it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.
    I agree that there should be a weight restriction on the B3159 except for access – there are farms and businesses along this road.

  6. nigel smith Says:

    Losing most of the HGVs from the B3159 to the Relief Road has been a real benefit to Upwey residents, unfortunately a few still use the B3159 as a short cut to the A35. It would help if there was a weight restriction on through vehicles. One consequence of the Relief Road has been an increase in the number of private and commercial vehicles using the B3159 as a quick way to the A35. Hopefully the proposed environmental improvements to the Dorchester Road will discourage this undesirable, not to say dangerous practice, as the road through the village is narrow, twisting and often without pavements.

  7. Terry Says:

    I agree with Stuart

  8. Stuart Morris Says:

    Confirmation that the A353 will now be the Littlemoor Link to the Relief Road – excellent. As long as the signs at Chalbury are clear and bold, a big proportion of traffic will be removed from Preston Beach Road, Esplanade and King Street. But why downgrade that only to a B road? All except local traffic will have no need to go that route now. It should be simply a Local Distributor.
    (I remain of the firm opinion that with far fewer vehicles, none of the traffic signals in King Street were justified. A wasted opportunity to reduce clutter and artificial control.)

    • Martin Hill Says:

      Like Stuart I very much hope that the new signage and reclassification of Littlemoor Road will result in a reduction of traffic using Overcombe and Preston Beach Road.
      I’m not as optimistic as he is because I believe locals and regular visitors will continue to use the route they’re accustomed to.
      I don’t understand how he believes there’ll be less traffic in King Street as traffic will still come off the relief road at Manor roundabout and make its way to the Esplanade and rail station.

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