Traffic cones


You may have noticed traffic cones being placed out on the relief road this morning in the Chapel Lane area.

They were put in place so that traffic monitoring equipment could be installed.

Work was also carried out later on at the opposite end of the road, near Veasta Roundabout, to install a car park guidance sign (part of the Weymouth Transport Package showcase element).


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5 Responses to “Traffic cones”

  1. Traffic Cone Says:

    i think your correct nigel i rekon there will be traffic

  2. nigel smith Says:

    Apologies I misread the blog. I note that the monitoring equipment will be on the relief road adjacent Chapel Lane. I would still however be interested to know if traffic using local roads that may have been affected by the relief road will be monitored to see if there has been any change. Thanks!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Nigel,

      Yes, we will be monitoring the local roads to see what effect the relief road has.

      The majority of this will be done when the whole scheme is complete; with the Bincombe junction open and the Littlemoor Road improvements finished.

  3. nigel smith Says:

    What traffic will be monitored at Chapel Lane now the Ridgeway is closed? Any chance that traffic on the B3159 through Upwey can also be monitored as this has also been affected by the opening of the relief road?

  4. Terry Says:

    Big Bruvver is watching?

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